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The boy meets the world cast recently launched a review podcast aptly titled Pod meets the world. Although it took a few years to launch, Rider Strong, who played Shawn Hunter, came up with the concept long before similar podcasts such as office ladies and Fake doctors, real friends met with success.

While some people remember Shawn Hunter for his good looks and charm, others appreciate how much his character was able to grow throughout seven seasons, and even more as an adult on A girl meets the world. Whether Shawn spouts sarcastic jokes, moving speeches or insightful lines, his quotes have always left an impression.


“Use a mirror, baby.”

Season 1, Episode 4: “Cory’s Alternate Friends”

Throughout the first season, Cory had many friends who toured regularly, but the one constant was Shawn Hunter. His cavalier attitude, sarcastic one-liners and surfer haircut made Shawn stand out — and made Cory a little jealous. Shawn convinces Cory to chemically straighten his hair, but things go horribly wrong and Cory mocks his friends, including Shawn.

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After Cory sits down with a group of outcasts at lunch, he ends up working on a school project with Topanga Lawrence. She decides to do an interpretive dance about global warming and ends by drawing a peace sign on her face with lipstick. Shawn’s sleazy reaction to Topanga’s look sets the tone for this trio and changes the trajectory of the show.

“I just knew I had to get it far, far away…So I mailed it.”

Season 1, episode 17, “The Fugitive”.

Shawn has always been a bit of a troublemaker, but his shenanigans were harmless enough until he blew up a mailbox in the United States with a cherry bomb. Although Shawn ensured that no viewers were harmed, this prank was quite far-fetched and was even the subject of jokes later in the series.

After Shawn gets past the cops, he sneaks into Cory’s room and tries to live there secretly for a few days, as he can’t go home, as his father will “kill” him. It’s the first real glimpse into Shawn’s problematic family life, but it’s clear that Shawn is afraid of his father.

Season 2, Episode 2, “Pairing Disabled”.

As Cory and Shawn become interested in dating girls, Cory realizes that Shawn has a move he can’t pull off – stroking his hair back. Shawn continues to brag about having a “30ft reach”, which means he can make girls notice him when he touches his hair, even if they’re down the hall or down the hall. other side of the street.

Although Shawn doesn’t reference this talent throughout the series, it’s obvious that his hair is one of the many qualities that continues to catch the female eye. Cory, on the other hand, has to learn how to seduce girls with the way he acts around them since his curly hair won’t budge.

“You’re Cory. I’m Shawn, like it always was.”

Season 2, episode 5, “The Undesirables”.

When a popular girl at school invites Cory to a party, but Shawn doesn’t, the two friends are confused but curious. Cory focuses so much energy on becoming a popular guy and trying to change his parent-approved image, that he loses sight of his unwavering friendship with Shawn.

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After Cory finds out that Shawn wasn’t invited because he’s so cool, Cory finds it hard to believe that his best friend would rather hang out with him one-on-one than with a whole crowd of people. Cory asks Shawn if he thinks he’s a geek or cool, and Shawn replies “of course not” to both, as they are who they are – Cory and Shawn. It’s the only label they need.

“Love is the most amazing, rare and precious thing in the whole world.”

Season 2, Episode 7, “Wake Up, Little Cory.”

Mr. Turner surprisingly gives his students permission to interview friends and family about love, sex and slander, and put it all on video, as a lesson related to A lot of noise for nothing.When Topanga interviews Shawn about love, he recites this quote.

Topanga goes on to ask Shawn if he’s ever been in love, and Shawn replies, “Five times a day.” At the time, Shawn had no idea what true love was since he had just started dating and had yet to meet Angela.

“I lost my mother. I don’t think I deserved to lose my father too.”

Season 4, Episode 4, “Fishing in Virna”.

Near the end of the second season, Shawn’s mother, Virna, leaves town and takes her family’s mobile home with her, to one of the the most moving episodes of boy meets the world. Instead of comforting Shawn, Chet pursues Virna across the country for several months, leaving Shawn in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, and eventually his teacher, Jonathan Turner.

When Virna finally returns to the motel across the freeway from the trailer park in season four, Shawn bravely confronts his father and asks him why he didn’t want to stay and be a family with him after leaving. Virna. Even though his parents reunite for a while, Shawn never gets the answers he truly deserves.

“Don’t whisper to me, God. I’ve never asked you for anything before.”

Season 4, episode 21, “Cult Fiction”.

When Shawn feels lost and vulnerable near the end of the fourth season, he is manipulated by a group of strangers, trusting them rather than his own friends. Shawn tries to avoid the reality of Jonathan Turner’s motorcycle accident, but he ends up crying out to God.

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Although Shawn came from a tumultuous upbringing and always struggled financially, he is keen to say that he never asked God for anything. Shawn wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Mr. Turner, and he knew his pseudo-guardian “wasn’t done yelling at him” either. Although Jonathan is not seen again until A girl meets the worldhe was one of the best father figures Shawn had ever had.

“My brother just called me pig. I think that might work.”

Season 5, Episode 2, “Boy Meets Real World”.

There are several continuity errors throughout boy meets the world, including Shawn’s absent siblings Stacey and Eddie. When the show took a turn at the start of the fifth season and introduced a new character named Jack as Shawn’s half-brother, it wasn’t a big surprise to longtime viewers of the show, but they did. were shocked that he stayed.

As fans debate whether Jack or Shawn was the best brother on boy meets the world, it’s clear the pair had a rocky start, as they came from different backgrounds. Once they opened up and told each other how they really felt, Shawn admitted that things could work out with them.

“I am my own worst Eskimo.”

Season 5, episode 13, “The Eskimo”.

When Cory and Shawn have a seniority case, Mr. Feeny teaches one of his best lessons asking them to buy two Super Bowl tickets. Shawn was challenged to succeed and Topanga was told not to interfere. If any of them failed, Cory would too.

Shawn enters a radio contest to see if he can outlast nine contestants on a Philadelphia billboard in the middle of winter. In the latter two, it’s Shawn and an Inuit tribesman, who thrives in cold weather. Shawn realizes that while there have always been external factors that have held him back from succeeding in life, more often than not he gets in his own way and doesn’t even try.

“You killed us, you killed us all.”

Season 5, Episode 17, “And Then There Was Shawn.”

Shawn didn’t have much consistency in his life, but one thing he could count on was that Cory and Topanga belonged together. After their breakup, Shawn was devastated. Even though Cory cheated on Topanga with Lauren, Shawn blamed Topanga for ending the relationship and believed she was the reason the main characters were in danger in the horror-themed episode.

“And Then There Was Shawn” is noted as one of the best episodes of boy meets the world, even if the events are not exactly canon. Although the Pod meets the world The co-hosts have different memories of their work on set, with Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle and Rider Strong all agreeing they had the most fun shooting the episode that fans love to rewatch every Halloween.

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