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With Andor like the next to come star wars series to be released on Disney+, showrunner Tony Gilroy is already promising that the The TV show will be very different from the others in a big way. Therefore, expectations are high as the story will fill in the gaps regarding Cassian Andor’s origin story and the Rebel Alliance’s uprising.

Unfortunately, despite the large star wars offers, there are less celebrated times across the star wars cannon. Whether it’s the speed bikers of Endor, the comedy of The Last Jedior Anakin’s sand-hating, Redditors didn’t hold back on what they found to be the most cringe-worthy moments in the star wars universe.


The prequel game is trustworthy

Like a space opera, star wars is known for its memorable one-liners, but some believe the prequel cast needed better direction. rewatching the prequel trilogy, u/Odd_Mode7698 said, “He’s one of the grumpiest actors I’ve ever seen. But the worst moment for me is Vader’s iconic ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ in Episode 3.”

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It’s no secret that the prequel needed help, and for this Redditor, the writing and delivery of the line was particularly scathing, especially everything Anakin says. They cited the awkward dialogue that Vader is given in Revenge of the Sith as it did not match the steely behavior expected by fans of the Sith Lord. With longfans eagerly awaiting his first screen appearance since Return of the Jediits prequel lines did not hold up.

Secondary Mandalorian Characters

Whereas Jon Favreau’s space western The Mandalorian has characters who are universally loved, this Redditor has found some cringe-worthy supporting characters. u/MaximumEpiRedditor posted a photo of brother and sister Twi Lek, Qin, and Xian, captioned, “Biggest grimace in the whole show.

Supporting players Qin and Xian, who betray Mando in “The Prisoner,” are memorable to some for different reasons. As ruthless mercenaries, they don’t belong star wars fans around the world know and love. The series covers entirely new territory, and while the cast’s engagement is remarkable, some new characters seem downright silly.

Star Wars Rebels Fruity Tactics

star wars anime TV shows also receive heavy criticism from Redditors. On the moments of cringe in the star wars canon, Eli_Freeman_Author commented, “Even though Ezra Bridger has become my favorite character, one of my scariest SW moments is him taking down Stormtroopers with meiloorun fruit.”

One of the best things about star wars animation is the ability to include elements that would not work in live action. An example of this is the single take of Order 66 in The Clone Wars season 7. One moment that Redditors didn’t think worked was Ezra Bridger’s method of taking out stormtroopers, and thought that for someone under Jedi tutelage, the act was ridiculous and unnecessary.

Vader’s father jokes

Vader’s first appearance after the prequels was a surprise appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Whereas Vader has many powerful quotes, a Redditor found his dialogue less than convincing. When asked on Reddit what was the scariest star wars the scenes were, not_a-replicant said, “Vader’s double pun in Rogue One. Don’t get me wrong – Vader can do humor, but puns are exactly the opposite kind.”

This Redditor was referring to the scene where Vader warns Krennic not to choke on his aspirations as he uses the Force to choke him. Although Vader’s use of humorous language drew ire for being out of character, he remains memorable for the juxtaposition of the cold, calculating act and Anakin’s trademark use.

May 4 as a public holiday

On the subject of fan-generated star wars Day which takes place on May 4 of each year, u/Hiltaku said, “The fandom never bothers me, but gosh, May the 4th is the scariest thing in the franchise.” They then assumed that the celebration was a financial drain on the brand and paid no homage to the true essence of the saga.

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While May 4 has been mooted by the most avid Star Wars fans, more casual audiences may find the unofficial holiday cringe-worthy. While it’s a nifty way for fans to get together and celebrate their love for a fandom, the holidays are a pretty big cash grab for Disney. With limited edition products available at star wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and before that, in Disney Stores, it doesn’t look authentic and feels cheapened by marketing.

Forced comedy bits in The Last Jedi

While some think The Last Jedi gets a bad rap, others felt the comedy bits were too much to handle. Editor u/visitorzeta said, “The Last Jedi opening scene – The whole phone prank between Hux and Poe was awful.”

The staunchest fans ripped The Last Jedi to confuse stories and rewrite beloved characters. Similar to the original trilogy, which relied on comedic timing, Rian Johnson and crew attempted the same comedic sequence. While this is more likely due to Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, which maintains a family vibe, this Redditor still felt that this swap was unnecessary. Perhaps the sequel trilogy will follow the path of the prequels, with fans praising the material nostalgically for years to come.

Endor Speeder Bikes

Return of the Jedi’Using a green screen, while maintaining the illusion of a sci-fi setting, proved very gritty. pep bono said, “I love it, but in episode six they’re on the speeder bikes of Endor and it’s just creepy how serious they are.”

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Compared to the very beautiful shots of more recent star wars movies, Luke and Leia crossing Endor in Return of the Jedi is not necessarily the pinnacle of visual success. The original trilogy had historical sci-fi visuals, with groundbreaking techniques founded by Lucas’ visual effects company, ILM. However, it’s easy to see how annoying older movies are from the CGI advancements in new ones. star wars content is more believable.

Finn and Rose from The Last Jedi

Finn and Rose’s team in The Last Jedi didn’t sit well with some fans, especially the monologue and the kiss on Planet Crait. On the topic of gnashing your teeth star wars scenes, Ace of Athens says “The whole scene where Finn and Rose are talking about love when the whole Crait base is being taken down.”

As two of the newer characters, Finn and Rose see a lot less action in the sequel than fans thought. The progression of Rose and Finn’s character arcs culminates when Rose saves Finn’s life and gives him a monologue about saving what they love. With this sudden proclamation, some fans felt it was unwarranted and out of place for two driven, hardworking characters in the middle of a combat zone.

Anakin’s Hatred of Sand

The prequels aren’t particularly beloved for their dialogue, but they’re memorable nonetheless. Anakin has many lines that sum up his characterbut his line on the sand doesn’t suit this Redditor. dopeydavey said, “Maybe it’s because of all the memes now, but I recently rewatched the prequels and the ‘I don’t like sand’ scene made me cringe.”

Although Hayden Christensen’s turn as Darth Vader in Obi Wan Kenobi was praised, his previous work as a Sith Lord was much maligned. Due to George Lucas’ poor screenwriting skills and the direction of the actors, lines like Anakin’s complaint about the sand seem silly within the scope of the film’s vision.

Leia’s Last Jedi Escape

As one of the most hated films in the series, there are some outrageous moments in The Last Jedi that stand out from Redditors. u/Highnuck states, “The winner has to be an unconscious, blown up Leia flying through space to safety in The Last Jedi. The scene was so unforgivable that it single-handedly destroyed the movie for me.”

The Last Jedi is divisive for fans, with many citing unnecessary plot elements that do nothing to advance the story. One such scene sees General Leia flying through the wreckage of the ship, somehow using the Force in a way that had never been discussed. The problem with this scene is that Leia had never shown herself to be Force-sensitive besides being the sister and daughter of Force-wielders. This sudden reveal in the film felt undeserved but cheap.

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