10 main characters and their most iconic line

The Walking Dead is one of the longest-running scripted dramas to ever air on AMC, starting in 2010 and airing eleven seasons in the years since. During this time, the series has introduced many iconic characters that fans have fallen in love with during their time on the show.

As The Walking Dead With the series finale just inches away, fans look back on the most iconic moments from the twelve-year-old series, including some of the most memorable quotes from each of the prominent characters.


ten “Mom told me I would beat this world. I didn’t. But you will.”

Carl Grimes, “Honour”

Carl Grimes, portrayed by Chandler Riggs for the first eight seasons of The Walking Dead, was always supposed to be the one who survived. His mother even told him as she was dying in season 3. Carl remembered this moment while writing a letter to his younger sister Judith, knowing that her death was near. He encouraged her to survive, echoing Lori’s words from so long ago.

However many fans find Lori downright irritating. this reminder is nevertheless just as touching as the writers wanted it to be. Carl’s death may have left a gaping hole in the series, but his final letters to loved ones, especially Judith, really found the beauty of his exit.

9 “The only thing you can choose is what you risk your life for.”

Hershel Greene, “Isolation”

Scott Wilson’s Hershel Greene was the moral compass of The Walking Dead in its early seasons, always guiding Rick and the band in the right direction. He proved this in his final days when he risked his own life by exposing himself to the contagious disease that had invaded the penal colony in order to help care for the sick.

Hershel’s line encapsulates his character arc perfectly, acting as the moral compass for other survivors in the prison community. In his final days, Hershel did his best to preserve the lives of those around him, even if it put his own life in danger.

8 “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

Glenn Rhee, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Steven Yeun played fan-favorite survivor Glenn Rhee through the first seven seasons of AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic series, ultimately meeting his tragic and violent end at the hands of Negan and his baseball bat Lucille. In his final moments, Glenn met his beloved wife’s eyes and promised he would find her.

Glenn’s death was a turning point in the series, and not in a good way, as fans still looked back to that moment with a hint of disdain for the show’s writers. Nonetheless, Glenn’s last words went back to the very heart of the show’s story, as he died with nothing but love in his heart for his wife and their unborn baby.

seven “It’s about doing whatever it takes not to bury more.”

Michonne, “Adaptation”

After the tragic death of a close friend at the hands of a new threat in the Whisperers, the Coalition of Allied Communities has been shaken. However, Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, did her part by reminding those who were grieving that it was their duty to make sure nothing like this happened again.

Michonne is the perfect example of The Walking Deadsuperb character development, as she transforms from a lone ronin into a bona fide leader. Although Michonne’s hopes that they wouldn’t lose any more members of their community would be quickly dashed, she would certainly do her part to make sure no one’s death was in vain.

6 “Eenie, Meeny, Miney Moe.”

Negan, “Last Day on Earth”.

Negan made his bloody and highly controversial debut in the season six finale “Last Day on Earth.” Fielding eleven of the show’s main stars, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character played an infantile game to select which one he would brutally murder in front of the others, ending the season on a huge cliffhanger as fans had to theorize who had been chosen.

Negan’s infamous line-up immediately established him as a worthy villain for the group for the upcoming season and remains for a while as the character continues to atone in current episodes. While he’s had plenty of memorable scenes over the past few years, fans will always remember the moment they first met the leader of the Saviors best.

5 “Glenn made the decision. I was just following his lead.”

Maggie Rhee, “The first day of the rest of your life.”

Following the death of her husband Glenn, Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee embarked on an emotional journey as she mourned her loss. She soon becomes the leader of the group known as the Hilltop, eventually leading them into battle against the Saviors, saving Rick and the Alexandrians in the process. When asked why she came to their aid, Maggie explained to Rick that Glenn made the choice by saving him in Atlanta years ago.

Although Season 7 was a controversial season for fans of the show, its finale is widely considered to be one of the show’s best episodes. Maggie’s closing speech brings the season to a close, referencing the series’ very first episode and finally promising justice for Glenn’s brutal murder.

4 “All life is precious.”

Morgan Jones, “Here Ain’t Here”

After six years of sparse appearances throughout the series, Lennie James’ Morgan Jones finally joined the cast as a series regular in season 6. Afterwards, he often repeated a phrase he had learned at during his years on the road, who asserted that all life was worthwhile. to be preserved, even those of the enemy.

This repeated line often got Morgan in hot water with his fellow survivors. However, they simply did not understand the emotional weight of those four simple words. Morgan’s philosophy was the result of years of believing otherwise, which only brought him pain and heartache. By adopting this phrase as his own, Morgan finally found solace in a broken world.

3 “I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone.”

Carol Peletier, “Twice As Far”

Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, has one of the most vivid examples of character development on the show, transforming from abused housewife to fierce survivor. However, the weight of his actions began to bring Carol down, causing her to distance herself from her loved ones in order to keep herself from killing others to protect them.

This development highlights a problem with many characters in the series in that finding loved ones inevitably means killing others in order to protect them. Trying to get away from that inevitability, Carol was trying to keep her remaining humanity, only to be dragged down that road again as the seasons passed.

2 “We are not ashes.”

Daryl Dixon, “Consumed”

Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon became the show’s new lead after Rick and Michonne’s back-to-back exits in seasons 9 and 10, respectively. However, Daryl had a long journey to achieve such a level of leadership, which was highlighted in season 5 when he promised Carol that, unlike the dead, they weren’t ashes.

Daryl is a character whose survival has already been confirmed the series, with a spin-off series in development following her character. However, fans will always go back to Daryl’s early days as he learned his true place in the world after he had already crumbled. His lineage with Carol in Season 5 will always represent that story, as he came to appreciate his own life and the lives of those he loved.

1 “We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead.”

Rick Grimes, “Them”

Andrew Lincoln conducted The Walking Dead for his first nine seasons as Rick Grimes. At the end of a long speech during the group’s darkest moment in Season 5, Rick encouraged them to tell each other that they were the walking dead, not the zombies outside.

While Rick’s lyrics were successful in motivating the band to move forward, Rick’s future storylines would serve to push that philosophy aside, as he realized there was more to life than avoiding death. Rick would go on to learn that there was far more potential left in the world for a happy life than he ever thought possible.

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