10 memes that perfectly sum up Indy as a character

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the last statements of the writer David Koep on the film’s inclusion of aliens prove that despite a huge degree of love for the franchise from fans, the results aren’t always perfect. That being said, the Indiana Jones character has always stood as an example of how to create the perfect action-adventure hero.

It’s hard to imagine another big-screen hero still being able to return more than forty years after his first appearance. Still, when it comes to Indiana Jones, it seems fans are always ready for more. When it comes to famous characters, Indy is one of the greatest of all time and that hasn’t changed regardless of how each episode of the show is received. While his passion for adventure is the most obvious aspect of his character, these 10 memes help shed some light on who Indy is.


A man of continuous contrasts

The actual archeology is not quite what is described in the IndianaJoness films, but Indy still managed to corner two aspects of the profession. In The Raiders of the Lost Arkhe is adamant that the majority of archeology is done in the library, but in Crystal Skull Kingdomthis opinion has changed.

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If there is one certainty about Indiana Jones, it is that there are no certainties. Even his notorious fear of snakes was initially not afraid at all until a very overwhelming encounter at The Last Crusade changed his mind. Life moves fast for Indiana Jones, and that inevitably forces her character to constantly evolve.

Never step back

With a fifth installment of IndianaJones series along the way, fans discussed the possibility of a new actor reprising the iconic role. When the unfounded rumor that Chris Pratt could succeed Harrison Ford started circulating, fans became very resistant and defensive.

In many ways, Indy embodies that unwavering resilience in every installment of the franchise. Whenever the odds are truly stacked against him – as they were in cursed temple when he’s been captured by Mola Ram, he can still find the strength not to back down and more often than not find a sarcastic quip.

Bond, Indiana Bond.

The roots of the Indiana Jones character go back to Steven Spielberg’s desire to direct a James Bond. When that turned out not to be an option, the story goes that Spielberg and George Lucas came up with a 007-esque character who would globetrot for fortune and fame.

When examined at length, it is clear that there are many similarities between Indiana Jones and James Bond. But while Bond is a bit of a womanizer, Jones is often more interested in ruins and ancient artifacts. Yet, much like Bond, Indy’s determination is at the heart of his character, no matter how daunting the task and his chances of success.

Reliable… but unpredictable

While Indiana Jones’ relationship with women is difficult to pin down, one woman who has repeatedly been part of his wife throughout the series is Marian Ravenwood. In many ways the female equivalent of Indy, her no-nonsense attitude has ensured that she remains a part of his life.

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Indiana Jones’ life is driven primarily by a love for digging up some of the greatest artifacts out there. As a result, her relationships – regardless of gender – are reduced to friendly contacts rather than close personal friends. It’s hard to say when a longtime friend/contact will be wanted again, but eventually it will be.

Popular or not, Indy is Indy

Like all great franchises, fans are bound to have their favorite and least favorite aspects or entries. In the case of IndianaJonesthere is a considerable number of fans who do not appreciate cursed templebut an even greater number are not satisfied with how the Crystal Skull Kingdom proved.

Regardless of these opinions on the films in the beloved series, each film chronicles the ongoing adventures of Indiana Jones. As such, the series challenges the notion of who audiences think Indy is to some degree because the character shows new sides of himself throughout. It may not always be popular, but it’s still Indy in one way or another.

Undeniable charm

Whether he’s playing Indiana Jones or Han Solo, Harrison Ford has rightfully earned his place as a highly respected lead actor. Indy and Han will forever be etched in the memory of the rich history of cinema, and even if all IndianaJones the film receives the same degree of acclaim, there’s no denying Ford’s irresistibility as a character.

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A big part of why Indiana Jones is such a classic hero is how unmistakably Ford is suited to the role. It’s a lot easier to believe in the things Indy does — even just for a moment, with someone like Ford representing it. Without a doubt, Indiana Jones wouldn’t be the character he is without Ford’s ability to sell every trait to the public.

Ready to be wrong

In cursed temple, Indy is skeptical to say the least that the Sankara Stones hold the degree of magic indicated by the legend. It fits his character quite well, as he previously doubted other artifacts throughout his adventures, only to eventually see that his science-based mind isn’t always right.

One of the often overlooked but great aspects of Indy’s character is that he’s willing to be wrong about the mysterious artifacts he goes in search of. This allows him to have a kind of duality that keeps him focused on the task at hand while still being fully prepared to go with the flow. Without it, Indy or his adventures just wouldn’t be the same.

Always focused, always ready

Without the action sequences that IndianaJones movies offered, the series just wouldn’t be the same. Whether he’s fighting Nazis, deranged cultists or power-hungry Soviets, every Indy fan knows there’s going to be plenty of action – and often in the most creative way possible.

Arguably the greatest part of watching Indy fight the biggest monsters in the world is how relentless he is. This determination is further amplified when the sacred artifact he is pursuing falls into the wrong hands. After four films, it is clear that nothing stops Indiana Jones from getting what he wants or protect what needs protection.

Accessories are everything

Indy’s fedora was destined to become one of the character’s classic features, from the first minutes of The Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s not easy to define why it works so well, but it’s now so deeply ingrained in pop culture that no other character in a film can wear one without comparisons being drawn.

More than just a hat, Indy’s fedora has woven itself into the very heart of the adventures he faces. It’s cleverly used to heighten tension – as audiences witnessed in Raiders, and Indy’s willingness to risk everything to get it back is symbolic of who he is as a person. He remains intact in all respects, regardless of the daunting odds against him.

His name is synonymous with adventure

In the first minutes of The Raiders of the Lost Ark, the world got its first taste of the degree of adventure Indiana Jones would face for fortune and fame. It wasn’t just about battling enemies – the franchise redefined what big-screen adventure meant, and Indy was its torchbearer.

Of all the existing cinematic heroes, perhaps none has its characters summed up so well by adventure as Indiana Jones. It’s now to the point where fast exits through tight spaces are synonymous with the antics of the heroic archaeologist. Without this essential component, Indy would only be one more character, and the cinema would be poorer.

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