10 memes that perfectly sum up Pike as a character

Since the release of Star Trek: Strange New Worldsfans got a much wider impression of Captain Christopher Pike, a Starfleet captain who was praised in star trek canon since the original series but whose character has only been established in sporadic installments. Part of the rapid success of the newer star trek series is due to the warm, compassionate, and courageous leader of Anson Mount, who treats the crew of the Enterprise like one big family.


With his “daddy” energy, fabulous gray hairdo, and penchant for crack, Pike’s memes now practically write themselves. Whether he’s buzzing in the commercial kitchen set up in his quarters baking his security chief a waffle, talking like a pirate from the captain’s chair, or resolutely leading his crew through uncharted space , Pike is on his way to becoming one of the best characters in the franchise.

The evolution of pike

At this stage of star trek canon, Captain Pike has been played by a number of different actors; Jeffrey Hunter in Unused Pilot of star trek in 1964, Sean Kenney in a later episode in 1966, Bruce Greenwood in JJ Abrams star trek reboot in 2009, and now Anson Mount in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Each performer brought their own subtleties to the character to give it depth and distinction.

Hunter’s Pike was a reluctant hero and a serious leader, while Greenwood was a militaristic commander with an iron will, and Mount’s Pike was even-tempered and affable. Fans consider him the best in the evolution of this meme due to his charm, courage, and above all his trust in his crew.

A different day A different pike

‘Cause he got so much screen time in Strange new worlds, Mount’s Pike has the most character variability of any Starfleet captain, as this meme clearly highlights. Although special attention is given to his hairstyle, each square also outlines an expressive face, making him one of the most emotional captains who have yet to sit in the Enterprise chair besides Captain Kirk, who could appear in season 2.

Pike is a kind captain who is friendly with his crew in order to gain their trust, but firm and resolute with them in times of crisis to gain their respect, indicating how approachability and adaptability are winning qualities in a leader. Fan identification of Pike is entirely dependent on the condition of his beard, the height of his hair, and whether he had an accident that day.

The future is bright

Normally, in a prequel series, the audience tends to get bored if they already know what happens to certain characters. By telling Captain Pike about the tragic accident that will disfigure him ten years from now, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds created an interesting formula where one of the main characters also knows what happens at the end of the show.

For the first season, Pike reflected on the importance of knowing his destiny and held on to a modicum of hope that he could change it if he tried hard enough. The season finale eradicated this notion with a moral dilemma that showed the penalty for time alteration, which granted him the freedom of acceptance.

Pike’s hair can really tell a story

There’s no doubt that Pike has some of the best hair ever. star trek canon, but even he was marred by a few storylines, especially one that found him alive in Dr. M’Benga’s Daughter’s Storybook. Not only was his thin hair deflated, but so was his sense of courage, and he was revealed to be a simpering coward in his fantasy realm.

Fortunately, certain Strange new worlds episodes are not afraid to still be a bit light and campy, which allows for some relief from the tension of its dramatic narrative. These episodes, whether they involve gangster-filled planets or holodeck programs, allow the actors to expand their range, embodying traits their main character would never have.

Knowing the future makes Pike a bold boy

Knowing what will happen to him in the future has caused Pike to question his judgment more than once, and although he knows there’s no way he could die before his fatal crash, he must always pay attention to what happens to members of his crew when he is not personally around. Knowing that he has ten years of invincibility gave him the chance to be reckless in a way he never could before.

However, this carelessness sometimes pays off and Strange new worlds sticks to the classic star trek tropes more than once, including allowing Pike to participate in dangerous missions on the outside that he knows he is destined to survive. To them, it may seem like certainty, tactical thinking, and a bit of luck, and only a few will ever know the truth of the matter.

If it’s good enough for Kirk, it’s good enough for Pike.

Captain Kirk cheated on the Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy by using, according to Kelvin’s timeline, inside information to hack the exam. The test was designed to make it impossible to determine what young officers would do in an unwinnable situation. Knocking him down, Kirk was recognized for his innovative ideas, but failed to win in the spirit of it.

In the Season 1 finale, Pike is treated to a glimpse of a future with a young Kirk who will one day take command of the Enterprise, a Kirk who fundamentally understands that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Pike makes the wrong call and has to realize that he’s not the right person for the job, and that sometimes (especially with Romulans) the rules don’t apply.

A raise by any other name

To be the captain of Starfleet’s flagship, Captain Pike is as approachable as he is firm, even going so far as to host family dinners in his quarters with a mix of junior and senior officers from a myriad of departments. He doesn’t hesitate to grab a cast iron pan off the stove (or throw an apron at his science officer and put him on KP duty).

Does this mean that Pike has special abilities? Although there have been several episodes that focus on increases, and genetic engineering has influenced star trek in many ways over the years, Pike’s tenacious dexterity comes from his empathy and willingness to explicitly trust his crew.

Finally, something old fans and new fans can agree on

Long time fans of star trek have been upset by the offering of new series in recent years, seeing them as a departure from the ideals and structure of the original series. New fans love how these same series have been updated for modern audiences and reflect the thoughts and perspectives of the world as it is today. But one thing both types of fans can agree on is that Anson Mount makes a great Captain Pike.

With the charming swagger of Captain Kirk and the intellect of Captain Picard, Mount combines the best of both leaders into a leader who knows when to be diplomatic and when to start throwing two-handed punches. Not only that, he values ​​his crew’s contributions and unabashedly relies on them more than his own judgment. It makes them feel respected and everyone feels like family.

pike woodpecker

Whether fans call him Anson’s Mount, Mountain Do, Pike’s Peak, or any number of other colorful names, there’s no doubt that one of the show’s most beloved characters is Pike’s hairstyle. Its size, color and body have earned it a place in iconography alongside Spock’s ears or Worf’s forehead crest.

It may seem absurd to some or even defy the laws of physics, but it can also be seen as a symbol of excellence and sensational storytelling. Like the man he rests on, he is larger than life and inspires others to reach for the stars.

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