10 memes that sum up Geralt as a character

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently received news of an upcoming remaster, which aims to celebrate the video game’s seventh anniversary. Fans are once again excited to perform as The witcher’s emblematic protagonist, Geralt de Riv.

While Geralt is obviously controlled by whoever is playing the game, there are plenty of cut scenes and bits of dialogue that define the witcher as a unique character, as well as how he acts in gameplay. These are some of the best memes that illustrate the unique personality of the beloved white wolf in Wild hunt.


ten Fall

In The Witcher 3, Geralt is seen as a formidable opponent with endless strength. Players can use Geralt to battle the most dangerous monsters in the land and find themselves unscathed enough to continue their adventure relatively unscathed.

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Unfortunately, the witcher’s strength doesn’t seem to extend to fall damage. It’s too often in the game that players find Geralt more easily injured by a fall than by a fight with a dangerous creature.

9 Terrified of portals

Although Geralt’s job is to slay the most terrifying monsters, portals are far scarier to him than creepy creatures he deals with the witcher. This dislike is evidenced by the many comments he makes when encountering these magical sources in-game.

It’s ironic that the witcher can be a fearless fighter, but be made uncomfortable by something as benign as a portal. Unfortunately for him, they are found semi-frequently in the game as a means of fast travel.

8 Gwynt


Geralt’s main mission in the witcher is to find his surrogate daughter Ciri, which is a noble quest considered one of the best game scenarios. While in reality it would be a serious time-pressed task, there are plenty of opportunities to slack off before you find Ciri in the video game..

Although it is filled with adventures, battles and quests, one of the most beloved aspects of The Witcher 3 is the Gwent card game. There’s always time to play Gwent in the game, despite any missions or side quests Geralt is eager to complete.

seven Meet enemies

Although it is quite common for Witcher characters to use more expletive words, Geralt seems to like one particular phrase in the game. insulting.

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Geralt’s token phrase is a common piece of dialogue he uses when fighting monsters in battle. This seems like an overall insult to not just Waterhags, as the meme mentions, but various other monsters in the game.

6 Reward

Geralt is one of the last remaining Witchers, and sometimes he’s the only one adept enough to kill specific monsters that threaten ordinary people. Despite this, he still often finds himself arguing over appropriate awards for his life-saving work.

As the meme implies, Geralt’s occupation may have inspired some real people to accept payment for killing monsters. However, the actual monsters may seem a bit less dangerous compared to the witcher’s enemies.

5 Not an extrovert


For a man whose occupation is to live a solitary life slaying monsters, Geralt certainly has a knack for getting involved in various public places. Although he clearly prefers talking to close companions like Dandelion and Yennefer, he is constantly dragged into gatherings.

This has been the case for Geralt in many other forms of Witcher media, especially in the original books. Unfortunately, his involvement with Ciri causes Geralt to become involved in political affairs outside of simple social gatherings.

4 Missing Yennefer

There’s a lot of debate about which love interest to choose The Witcher 3: Yennefer de Vengerberg or Triss Merigold. Although there is an equal option in the game, Yennefer has the advantage of being bound to the Witcher by fate.

While Triss is popular for her caring personality and “Now or never” fairy tale side quest Yennefer is often chosen due to her maturity, wit, and canonical romance with Geralt outside of the games. Picking Yennefer also provides some interesting cutscenes, which intrigue both Geralt and the players.

3 Candles

While playing Geralt in wild hunt can be very rewarding, there are certain aspects of the gameplay that prove to be a bit more frustrating. One of these challenges often occurs when looting a chest.

Candles are often near chests in the video game, and a player can easily find themselves lighting a candle when they intend to loot. While this is purely a gameplay issue, it certainly makes it seem like Geralt has a passion for lighting candles from the player’s perspective.

2 Geralt the Mutant


Besides ridding cities of monsters, Geralt does a lot for his community by helping ordinary people. Many accredit the White Wolf as a hero, as he often uses his inhuman strength for the good of others.

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Unfortunately, no matter how many lives Geralt saves in the Witcher 3 cities, because people always end up calling him a mutant. Fortunately, the witcher developed thick skin over his hundred years of life.

1 Looting

Geralt could spend a lot of time saving others in The Witcher 3but he certainly doesn’t miss the chance to rob a house when the opportunity arises.

While Geralt as a character is known for making moral decisions, wild hunt gives players plenty of opportunities to act in ways the witcher couldn’t on their own. This influence of player choice makes Geralt a little more morally gray in games than in other forms of media.

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