10 Most Memorable Quotes Only “Supernatural” Fans Understand

Every TV show has something that instantly makes you think of it, whether it’s a song, a gag, a prop, a location, a character, or something… other. And when you see or hear it, you are instantly transported to the world it came from. just like how I Met Your Motherthe blue horn of harmony, stranger things and the Upside Down, and the Friends theme song with its infamous clap that we all need to do.

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But quotes from beloved shows and movies tend to live on in our minds to the point where we start using them in our daily lives, and Supernatural left us with a few winners that we will use for years to come. At Castiel’s (Misha Collins) short, sweet and iconic “Hey, Assbutt!” at Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) “The driver chooses the music, the shotgun closes his cake”, these weird and goofy quotes are a surefire way to spot a Supernatural fan in any crowd.


“My human skills are rusty”

When it comes to interacting with other people, it’s safe to say that many of us today suffer from some form of anxiety in these particular situations. But imagine being an angel set in his ways for thousands of years and now having to face the human species.

For season six Castiel asks the boys for help regarding the Staff of Moses which has made its way to the earth and is responsible for a plague of Egyptian-style killing. But the Winchesters find it rich that he is now asking for their help after ignoring Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) is calling, and thus, this fan-favorite quote was born. Even twelve years after the release of the episode, the phrase remains in the minds of all SPN fans.

“Saving people, hunting things. The family business.”

Where would we be without this family of monster hunters? We wouldn’t have the incredible adventure we have today, and we wouldn’t have the Winchester family or the wonderful people they met along the way.

In the Season 2 episode titled “Wendigo”, Sam and Dean follow their father, John’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) where he was in the woods of Colorado from the coordinates left in his diary. Sam wants to do nothing more than find their father and Jessica’s killer, but Dean reminds him why they’re doing what they’re doing. To save as many people as possible and kill as many evil things as possible along the way.

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“I am the one who held you tight and pulled you out of perdition.”

Castiel had one of the most memorable character introductions in Supernatural‘s fifteen years. “I’m the one who held you tight and pulled you from perdition” is the first line we hear from the stoic figure walking menacingly towards Dean and Bobby (Jim Beaver), taking no damage from the shots fired at him.

Because this is the first time we hear Cas speak, the first impression we get of his character and the Angels as a whole on the show, the quote has become very memorable among fans. Even fourteen years after Castiel’s introduction, the line remains in the minds and hearts of SPN fans around the world.


Our one and only Bobby Singer has given us some fantastic sayings and proverbs over the years. From “do I look like a prom date to you?” bowls!” and his memorable “Family doesn’t stop at blood, boy!” this man is responsible for some Supernaturalthe most emblematic quotes.

His use of the word “idjits” was always aimed at his adopted sons. It became known to Bobby, and it’s a big part of what made his character so lovable. Due to the constant use of the word, fans of SPN would often use it in their daily lives. “You idiots!

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“The driver chooses the music. The shotgun closes his cake.”

How many of you, and be honest, use the exact same decision when you’re driving your car? Most of us, right? Well, in the first episode of SPN, Dean made it clear to Sam that the conductor chooses the music, and the shotgun closes his cake when Sam tells him he needs to update his tape collection.

In response to Sam’s insults to his musical tastes, Dean tells him: “House rules, Sammy. The driver chooses the music. Shotgun closes his cake”, and turns up the volume on AC DCis Back In Black as it kicks off. We’re with you, Dean. You can’t beat 80s rock music to get you in the mood for a long drive.

“Hey, Assbut!”

It’s one of those lines that takes you completely off guard the first time it’s said, especially when it’s such an intense scene to break the tension. The first time we heard of this was in the season five finale, “Swan Song,” and it’s safe to say that it made a lasting impression among fans.

After Dean introduces himself to Lucifer and Michael (Jacques Abel) confrontation and finds himself in over his head, Castiel shows up with Bobby and yells, “hey, Assbutt!” to distract him. Of course, it doesn’t end well, and the comic line turns sour when the Lucifer-possessed Sam blows up Cas’s ship, seemingly killing him. “Hey, Assbut!” went on to make a few more appearances before the series ended, once in the 200th episode milestone and again in the season twelve episode, “Rock Never Dies”, and remains a brilliant insult that we all use in our own lives.

“I lost my shoe.”

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong goes wrong? Well, for Sam Winchester in Season 2’s hilarious “Bad Day At Black Rock,” he had one of those days, and that bad luck came with total supernatural force.

After coming into possession of a cursed rabbit’s foot, Sam begins to experience incredible luck, but that luck turns ugly when Bela Talbot steals it. You just can’t trust these cursed items, can you? What are the results the series’ most iconic comedic scenes and one-liners, from Dean throwing a pen down the barrel of a gun to his “I’m Batman.” But perhaps the most iconic is Sam’s puppy expression that accompanies his “I lost my shoe.” Don’t worry Samy. Its good.

“We have work to do.”

Due to the endless memorable quotes in Supernatural, it is easy for some of them to be overshadowed by others. But, this line from Sam came at the end of the pilot episode in 2005 and is notable for good reason.

Initially, Sam chooses to help his brother with a job, but after he returns to college to find his girlfriend, Jessica, burning on the ceiling the same way her mother had, he finally decides to start over. to hunt with Dean. What sets this line apart is that not only did it appear multiple times throughout the series, but it made a final appearance at the end of the first episode of the final season, mimicking the scene that started the incredible journey fifteen years ago.

“Family doesn’t end with blood, boy.”

It’s a quote that has come to mean so much to millions. First mentioned in the season three finale, “No Rest For The Wicked”, after Dean and Sam try to leave and find Lillith without him, Bobby tells Dean that “Family don’t end with blood, boy,” after Winchester’s older brother told him it wasn’t his fight.

Family is a constant factor on the show, and Bobby’s iconic words have been proven time and time again. During a conversation with Crowly in season ten, Dean references Bobby when he tells the King of Hell, “A wise man once told me, family doesn’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family is there, through the good, the bad, all of it. They support you. Even when it hurts. The quote became a fixture within the SPN family and remains so even after the show ended.

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“Dad is on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home for a few days.”

Fourteen words. That’s all it took for millions of people around the world to enter the world of monster hunting and moved permanently to the back of a 1967 Chevy Impala with the Winchester brothers. We were hooked from the start, and those fourteen words were the ones that started it all.

When Dean shows up uninvited at Sam’s college dorm, he informs his younger brother that their father hasn’t been home for a few days and he begins to worry. When he rephrases his sentence in a way Sam will understand, he tells her, “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home for a few days”, to which Sam immediately understands. And we all know what happens next.

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