10 Quotes That Perfectly Summarize Leonard As A Character

For 12 seasons, Johnny Galecki played Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory. Along with his best friend and roommate Sheldon Cooper, Leonard was one of the stars of the show who raved about science and his love for his neighbor and friend, Penny.

Since the show, Galecki has had a relatively low profile compared to her former castmates. He jumped into the limelight on The Connors, but he also started producing a new show titled catch babies. Despite his new projects, Galecki will forever be known for his time on TBBT and the quotes he had as the adorable Leonard Hofstadter. What makes Leonard so special are his lines and how they connect to his character. It was rare for Leonard to do and say things that didn’t fit his character.


ten That’s just how [Sheldon] East. But he’s also loyal and trustworthy and we have fun together.

“The Moving of Protons”

There aren’t too many characters that get along with both Sheldon and Leonard. Howard and Raj tolerated Sheldon because they were devoted to Leonard and knew deep down that Sheldon didn’t want to be boring – he was just different from everyone they had met.

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When Leonard and Sheldon became friends with Arthur Jeffries (aka Professor Proton), he too wondered why Leonard remained friends with Sheldon. Adorably, Leonard stood up for Sheldon and told Arthur about Sheldon’s good qualities. This quote says a lot about Leonard’s character and how much he valued his roommate.

9 “Sometimes your moves are so realistic that I forget you’re not a real boy.”

“The Hot Troll Deviation”

In “The Hot Troll Deviation”, Leonard told Sheldon about the double date he had in the works with him, Howard, Penny, and Penny’s new friend Bernadette. However, after a few minutes, Sheldon asked Leonard why he was giving him this information since he didn’t care about Leonard’s privacy.

Leonard jokingly called Sheldon some kind of robot, saying he forgot he wasn’t a “real boy”. This quote spoke to Leonard’s character because he made countless jokes about Sheldon’s misunderstandings of social norms. Their non-offensive jokes were what made Leonard and Sheldon’s friendship is one of the best on TBBT.

“Transmission of diplomas”

Penny and Leonard have proven they are a couple goals when Penny made sure Leonard fulfilled his dream of speaking at his alma mater’s graduation. The pair planned to fly to New Jersey, but when a storm canceled their flight, Penny made sure Leonard was able to deliver the speech via Skype.

Leonard was nervous but excited to talk to the younger generation. He mentioned that his hard work paid off because he didn’t pay attention to what the “popular kids” were doing. It played directly into Leonard’s character because he was unafraid of his “geeky” childhood and a lot had changed for him now as an adult.

seven “Penny, you don’t want to get involved in this with Sheldon. Guy’s lab accident far from being a supervillain.

‘The Panty Piñata Bias’

When Sheldon and Penny had a fight, he banished her from their apartment and put her on thin ice as a friend. Penny was tired of Sheldon’s immature ways and did what she could to get revenge on him.

Leonard warned Penny that Sheldon was not the kind of guy she wanted to fight because he was “one lab accident away from being a supervillain”. Although the two fought, Penny and Sheldon had one of the best friendships in the series. Leonard’s sarcastic and humorous opinions of Sheldon were standard for his character.

6 “I’ve had it for a few years. Not important. Penny, will you marry me?

“The Dissolution of the Gorilla”

One of the best leonard and penny relationship quotes was when he last proposed. The two had been through a lot as friends, neighbors and partners, so fans were thrilled when they were finally ready to be engaged.

Funny enough, when the two agreed to get married, Leonard pulled out an engagement ring from his wallet. Penny asked him where he got it from in such a short time, and he hilariously mentioned he’d had it for “a few years.” This summed up Leonard’s character as he had planned to marry Penny from the day he met her.

5 “You call that a glow stick? (pulls out a lightsaber) It’s a glow stick!

“The Contraction of Friendship”

There are plenty of memes that perfectly encapsulate Sheldon’s quirky character. As a control freak, Sheldon lived happily ever after with his roommate deal and everything that came with it. As part of the roommate agreement, there was an emergency preparedness test.

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Leonard was disturbed by the emergency preparedness test and hung out at Penny’s apartment until the power was restored. Instead of using a glow stick, he used a lightsaber from star wars to light his way. As a self-proclaimed nerd and star wars fan, that quote shouted Leonard.

4 “But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone like me could get to be with someone like you.”

“The Marital Conjecture”

‘The marital conjecture’ was one of The most important episodes of Leonard and Penny because he shared their more formal second marriage. Although the couple did well from their first wedding in Las Vegas, their friends and family wished they were part of the magic.

In Leonard’s well wishes to Penny, he adorably said he never understood how he got someone like Penny. Considering Leonard had said things like that since Season 1, his feelings for his wife hadn’t changed: he still loved her and felt she was out of his league.

3 As soon as she flies through California airspace, I’ll feel a disturbance in the force

“The Maternal Combustion”

Leonard and his mom Beverly haven’t had the best mother-son times on TBBT. From the start, Leonard was open about his toxic relationship with his mother and how he never felt good enough for her.

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When Penny learned that Beverly was flying out for a visit to town, he jokingly told Penny that he felt a “disruption in the force” whenever she was near. Since the two had such a tumultuous relationship, this quote matched Leonard’s feelings throughout the show’s 12 seasons.

2 “Twelve years out of high school and I’m still at the nerd table.”

“The Alien Parasite Hypothesis”

Leonard has always thought of himself and his friends as nerds because of their love for all things comics, science fiction, and science itself.

In “The Alien Parasite Hypothesis”, Leonard hilariously mentioned that he felt like he was still in high school at the “nerd table” after Howard and Raj fought over who the superhero and his sidekick were in their friendship in the Caltech cafeteria. This led to a series of activities that Leonard grew weary of and judged. However, it made for a hilarious episode.

1 “Our babies will be smart and beautiful.”


The moment Leonard met Penny, he knew their babies would be “smart and beautiful” if they ever became romantic. At this point in the series, they were just new neighbors with nothing romantic between them.

In the series finale, Leonard and Penny found out they were pregnant, and Sheldon reiterated what Leonard had said years before – their babies would be smart and beautiful.

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