10 quotes that sum up Jess perfectly as a character

Milo Ventimiglia has been cast in the pilot for a potential ABC comedy titled The company you keepaccording Deadline, and fans of the actor will have to wait and see if the show gets a series pickup. Ventimiglia has mostly played dramatic roles during his career, and it’s always fun to see him back as the smart and sarcastic Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls.

Although the adult Jess in the Netflix revival A year in the life is happier and more compassionate, his high school self is quite sarcastic. Jess’s Gilmore Girls the quotes always explain exactly how he feels and what his personality is.


“Are we going to bail out?”

Jess is immature Gilmore Girls scenes involve him complaining about living in Stars Hollow and having to meet different townspeople. When he and Luke come over for the dinner Sookie has cooked, Jess shows he’s being unfair and selfish when he wants to sneak out of the house.

Contrary to Jess’ bad attitude, Rory says it will be a fun night. Jess isn’t in a good mood or easy-going in high school, and he can’t imagine having a good time with adults, as he’s used to people ignoring or underestimating him and his potential. .

“What’s happening to you?… I know you better than anyone.

In season 6, Jess tries to help Rory fix his life.

When Jess tells Rory that she should never have dropped out of Yale in season 6, Jess shows that he’s at a point in his life where he has a stable job, good self-esteem, and can l help now.

Jess has become a more honest person who is not afraid of confrontation. He knows Rory won’t like to hear what he has to say, but he doesn’t care because he wants to help her see the light and get back on track. Jess may have stopped looking bitter all the time, but he likes to give advice now that he’s okay.

“It’s not the first time a couple has broken up.”

Rory doesn’t want to kiss Jess outside Doose’s Market in Season 2

When Rory tries not to rub her newfound romance with Jess in Dean’s face, Jess refuses to see the situation from his perspective and says this quote about how people break up all the time. Jess wants to pretend he had no part in the breakdown of a long-term relationship.

Jess doesn’t like Dean because he’s jealous of him and finds it hard for him to be honest about how wrong he was to flirt with Rory and try to break up Rory and Dean’s relationship. Jess would rather live in denial right now.

“Well, as they say on Family Feud, good answer.”

Jess is angry that Rory asks if he goes to school.

Jess is the smartest Gilmore Girls quotation sometimes involve his sarcastic jokes, as he tends as a high school student to respond in a harsh, bitter tone whenever he doesn’t want to have a real serious discussion.

When Rory tries to advise Jess to stay in school, Jess gets angry because she questions him and refers to the well-known game show. Jess would rather make a mean joke than say he doesn’t like school and is waiting for the day when he can go away and live his life on his own.

“You knew I wanted to read it.”

Jess and Rory love talking about books

Jess and Rory love hanging out and talking about books in the early seasons of Gilmore Girls. It’s an important part of their relationship as Rory feels guilty for loving someone other than her boyfriend Dean but figures it’s okay because they talk about reading.

With this quote, Jess proves his love of reading and how he appreciates that he and Rory have that in common. Instead of pretending he’s too cool to read or lying about his greatest interest and hobby, Jess tells Rory the truth.

“Okay, I’m officially starving.”

Jess dodges Rory’s question in Season 2’s “A-Tisket A-Tasket”

Jess’s high school personality involves a lot of lying, pretending, and sarcastic comments. He prefers to answer in a monotonous voice rather than show an expression, and when Rory asks why he bid on his picnic basket in Season 2, he starts talking about being hungry and wanting pizza.

It takes a long time for Jess to be able to overcome her emotions and talk about difficult topics. When Jess realizes it’s okay to show his softer side, he realizes that Rory and Luke taught him a lot about growing up and being himself.

TJ: “Guess what that means.” Jess: “No.”

Jess isn’t keen on meeting TJ in Season 4

TJ and Liz Gilmore Girls scenes are usually funny and goofy, as they are perfectly matched to each other. Jess is less than thrilled to meet her mother’s new partner in Season 4 and when TJ wants to be friendly and get to know Jess, Jess is rude and shuts him up.

Jess eventually comes around and likes his uncle and mother, but in his early episodes he has no problem being mean. Jess’ high school personality is all about giving one-word answers if he doesn’t feel like talking to someone and still carries a lot of pain from Liz forcing him to move to Stars Hollow.

“I was just going out for a walk.”

Jess claims he didn’t wonder where Rory was in season 2

Jess admits he wants to live with Luke again in Season 2, and after he agrees, Luke smartly tells Jess not to look for Rory as she is at Sookie’s wedding. Jess lies that he’s just going for a walk, but fans know that he and Rory end up kissing at this event.

When Jess is a teenager, he’d rather do anything than be real and honest about his feelings and thoughts. Above all, Jess never wants to give Luke the satisfaction of being right. Jess is stubborn, one of his worst qualities, something that only changes when Rory sees him again in Season 6.

“Yeah. It’s been over for a long time.”

Jess claims he no longer has feelings for Rory in A Year In The Life

All Gilmore Girls the character has a memorable memory AYITL end, with Jess happy and proud that Rory is writing a memoir. When Luke asks Jess if he still has romantic feelings for Rory, Jess claims he doesn’t, but the viewers don’t believe him at all.

Jess proves he’s stubborn and doesn’t like sharing his innermost thoughts with people, even his family, especially if the subject matter is difficult and complicated. Jess knows that if he admitted he still thinks about Rory, his uncle would feel sorry for him, and he doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy.

“You just gotta find that thing that makes you feel…”

Jess gives advice to Rory in AYITL

Jess not only knows that Rory should write a book, but he has some perfect writing advice after being an avid reader throughout his life. Jess thinks Rory should reflect on her most emotional experiences and then put that into words.

This quote says a lot about what happened to Jess since he graduated from high school. Jess could never have given that advice when he was a teenager, because he would have shrugged off the idea of ​​someone making a dream come true. Now Jess is happy and he can talk about his feelings and he thinks Rory will succeed if she is also honest about how she feels.

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