10 Reasons House Hightower Is More Powerful Than House Targaryen

Dragon House is about to bring the Hightower House to the public on screen for the first time. While they could have been on the outskirts of Westeros in game of thrones, the large group is going to have a major impact in King’s Landing, shaping both the past and the future of the Seven Kingdoms.

There are several arguments to be made that the Hightowers are actually more powerful than the family that sits on the throne throughout this period, the Targaryens. While the latter would see his house completely crumble, the Hightowers maintain their position in society even after Baratheon’s reign. There are a few notable reasons why this is the case.


ten Trade Wealth

The Lannisters are often considered one of the wealthiest households in Westeros. But there is another that rivals their wealth. The Hightowers have historically spent a lot of time in the trading industry. They have accumulated enormous financial power through their business successes.

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Their position at the royal court is partly based on this monetary influence. The Hightowers can continue to support the crown through their wealth. However, the person holding the money often holds the strength associated with it, making the Hightowers more important than the Targaryens, much like the Lannisters were to the Baratheon.

9 Target the top

There’s a real upside to not sitting on the Iron Throne. After the release of Dragon House trailer, there are plenty of questions regarding the series. But unlike game of thrones, it’s very clear who will start and end the show as the ruler of Westeros.

Whoever sits on the Iron Throne is a major target. The Targaryens might spend most of this timeline as rulers, but the Hightowers can continue to manipulate events from the shadows, never risking the crown. It’s a powerful position to be in.

8 hand to the king

When it comes to manipulating events, it is often said that the Hand of the King makes the most decisions and therefore controls politics in Westeros. Otto Hightower is the hand of the king that fans will witness throughout House of the Dragon.

But the household has a long history of serving as a Main. Otto himself has already served two other kings in the same position. While fans of the books know that Targaryens come and go with alternate beliefs, the Hightowers remain powerfully consistent.

seven Always surrounded by power

The Hightowers have been surrounded by power since the early days of the house. They’re one of the oldest households in all of Westeros history, which means they’ve built a lot of respect through their continued role in the Seven Kingdoms Tapestry.

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The Targaryens have sometimes been seen as outsiders, due to their conquering methods of taking on the realms. Hightowers are not coated with this same view and are therefore looked upon with much more respect, partly attributed to their lineage. It is a source of power that cannot be easily acquired.

6 A united house

While predictions about how Dragon House will unfold continues to be the subject of fan speculation, what is obvious is that the series will be defined by the infighting that is expected to occur within the Targaryens. They are a proud house, but full of diverse interests.

The Targaryens go into civil war with each other in pursuit of the crown. The Hightowers, on the other hand, don’t let their conflicts get so violent or public. They are in many ways a united house, never falling apart and therefore surviving much longer than the Targaryens.

5 Marry into royalty

The respect, wealth, lineage and wisdom of the Hightowers are not ignored by the crown. This is an advantage for the Targaryens, as House Hightower can actually strengthen all of these things for the Iron Throne should a marriage ever take place. This suggests that the Hightowers occupy the highest ground.

Dragon House will demonstrate this theory in action, as a Hightower is at the center of the royal court. Alicent will be the wife of Viserys I, the King! This in itself means that the Hightowers have the ear of royalty, to whisper whatever they deem necessary in order to continue to maintain their prosperity.

4 avoid war

The Hightowers are quite well suited to navigating political disputes. After all, they spent a lot of time at the royal court, where backbiting and games are part of everyday life. But the house did not participate in the major regional wars.

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While not necessarily neutral given their connection to the Iron Throne, the Hightowers very rarely used troops or even their wealth to settle physical disputes. The Targaryens are constantly at war to secure their power and yet the Hightowers constantly hold theirs without shedding blood.

3 Madness of the Targaryens

The Targaryens are under a curse. They say there’s a madness that runs through their line. It has appeared in certain monarchs throughout history and in game of thrones, the public saw that madness consumed Daenerys Targaryen. An obsession with fire is often the driving force.

The Hightowers have no such curse to trouble them. They are never questioned or cast out because of their sinister actions. For the Targaryens, anything can turn around because of their ruthless and bizarre actions, just as it did when the Kingslayer finally let justice be served. The Hightowers will not be on the other side of this blade.

2 The strength of dragons

House Hightower’s power was maintained through so many non-violent methods. Their influence will not be diminished as they have played the long game. The power of the Targaryens, however, is much faster in its building and largely focuses on dragons.

The dragon has become the weapon of mass destruction for the Targaryens; a method of instilling fear in allies and foes alike. Once the dragons are gone, the Targaryens are no more. The Hightowers don’t need fantastic beasts to keep holding their place.

1 faith continues

Faith is really important within Westeros. How kings and queens choose to conduct their worship time can mean the difference between being adored and despised. There are plenty of religions to choose from, but the Hightowers stood still here too.

They became known as a house of faith, looking to the Seven for guidance. This kind of faith can give the Hightowers a lot of political capital, not only winning over the people of King’s Landing, but appealing to like-minded people in the royal court. The Targaryens seemed to follow their own faith, obsessed with their winged monsters.

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