10 things fans want to be able to do, according to Reddit

With the release of the fourth quarter of Hogwarts Legacy getting closer and closer, fans have to rely on accidental developer leaks for more information on upcoming events Harry Potter RPG. Since the combat and world-building already seem to be perfect, fans are eyeing the small details that could make the game a classic.

That’s why fans on Reddit have been spending time discussing the little activities they hope to be able to do when the game finally arrives this holiday season. Here are some of their favorite ideas for things they would like to do in Hogwarts Legacy.


Learn like a real Hogwarts student

Get sorted by the Sorting Hat in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy seems to have plenty of action and intrigue, but fans are also excited to see how the game portrays the more mundane aspects of Hogwarts life. Editor Da-vinci44 was just one of the fans who want the game to have the true “Hogwarts experience”, which includes the more mundane aspects like being able to “take classes and maybe do OWLS”.

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It certainly wouldn’t be the first RPG to allow the player to experience education and pass tests, with games like bully and the Character series just a few examples of how it can be seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience. With Hogwarts professors almost always being fun for one reason or another, learning magic the normal way is an appealing prospect.

Decorate the dorm

Hogwarts Legacy Looks Like A Tyrant For Harry Potter Fans

The ability to decorate a space to a player’s convenience is one of the easiest ways for a game to win over players and the appeal of this type of gameplay is all the more powerful in a world as distinctive as Hogwarts. This is why Redditor prink34320 was expressing a popular opinion when they commented “I’d like to decorate my part of the dorm.”

with the world of Harry Potter already so colorful and fleshed out, the idea of ​​using in-game objects to create a space that reflects the player’s own character is all the more appealing. Not everyone agrees with the way Hogwarts is run but that could definitely work to the game’s advantage here.

Customize your wand

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Shop

Chopsticks constitute some of the the most emblematic and powerful objects of the Harry Potter universe so it’s no surprise that fans want the ability to customize theirs to their liking in Hogwarts Legacy. Editor rodsmp68 summed up the fans’ feelings in this area by saying that they want to “choose the type, core, and maybe put some designs in there.”

They also compared it to the operation of firearms in Red Dead Redemption 2 and lightsabers in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which essentially gave the player carte blanche to craft their own weapon in terms of aesthetics and practical details. It may not be possible to have the same amount of wand options, but the more customization the better, as far as fans are concerned.

Enjoy Quidditch

Hogwarts Legacy's Flying Broomsticks Might Break Established Canon In Harry Potter Extra Texts

The Hogwarts Legacy official FAQs confirmed that flying races and broom lessons will both feature in the game, but the lack of any explicit mention of Quidditch has left fans doubtful about its inclusion. Some haven’t given up on the idea of ​​Quidditch appearing in some form, however, with a Editor saying “I would like to at least go watch some Quidditch matches or play a mini-game.”

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A fleshed-out Quidditch simulation might be out of the question at this point, but the sport remains a fundamental part of the Harry Potter universe, so it’s no surprise that fans want him to appear in some form. Whether enjoyed as a spectator or as a player in a stripped down version of the game, Hogwarts Legacy wouldn’t feel complete without the simple thrills of sport.

Use Stealth to access restricted areas

Hogwarts is a school full of mystery, and like any student would, fans want to explore after curfew and access dangerous areas where students aren’t supposed to go. Editor fantastiko00 think the Hogwarts Legacy developers should look to previous Harry Potter inspirational games in this department.

They say they “loved the stealth elements of the old games when sneaking around at night” and that “something along those lines” would be greatly appreciated by players. It would also add another interesting mechanic into the mix which Hogwarts Legacy has a chance to improve on the previous one Harry Potter Games.

Get to know the NPCs

Will Hogwarts Legacy contain multiplayer content?

The Harry Potter the books and movies are full of distinctive characters, including iconic teachers and unforgettable secondary characters and that’s why fans wouldn’t be thrilled if the game didn’t put the same kind of effort into NPCs. Editor Depressive_player made it clear what fans wanted in that department.

According to them, the best would be to know and “recognize students and villagers” and nothing would be worse than “generic and static NPCs”. RPGs have historically escaped with cut-and-paste NPCs and used them for exposition rather than full-fledged characters, but fans want NPCs they can get to know personally in Hogwarts Legacy.

Soak up the atmosphere

image from the game Hogwarts Legacy showing a wizard looking at Hogwarts castle shrouded in mist

Like a Harry Potter Roleplay, Hogwarts Legacy automatically has an edge over all other games in the genre and that’s that there’s already a rich fantasy world to tap into. Editors love M2wice Hopefully the game can restore the Hogwarts environment so they can just “stand in one place for several hours of play watching all the different things happening around me”.

It seems like people watching and listening to NPC conversations are on a lot of people’s to-do lists. Harry Potter fans enter Hogwarts Legacy. Video games have tried to recreate the atmosphere of Hogwarts before, but Hogwarts LegacyThe larger scale and budget of it provides an unparalleled opportunity to create a version of the world players want to live in.

Make friends with companions

Player and Companion in Hogwarts Legacy

An element of Hogwarts Legacy What intrigued fans was the idea that certain students in the school can befriend and become companions on the player’s journey. For Redditor Elden Cringethe mere idea that they can “talk to my mates” is enough to get them excited for the game ahead.

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The marketing for Hogwarts Legacy makes it clear that these companions will be a key part of the game and are seemingly fully realized characters that will open up to the player as the game continues. The only idea to create this link is the one that excites a lot of fans.

Make interesting potions

image from the Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy game showing two students brewing a potion

One thing revealed in Hogwarts Legacy The gameplay revealed in March is that it will be possible to create many potions of different types and they will be a key part of gameplay, especially combat. It’s something that Harry Potter fans always wanted to see, with Redditor -Scheme- saying that an “in-depth potions system” would be an amazing addition to the game.

Using potions in battle can be one of The Legacy of Hogwarts’It’s more of a thrill, but it’s the sheer thrill of correctly following a detailed recipe, collecting ingredients, and going through the entire potion-making process that appeals to some. Harry Potter Fans. With potion making prominently in the marketing for Hogwarts Legacythere is a good chance that this will happen.

Play magician’s chess

Hogwarts Legacy Dining Room

Showing his superiority as a wizard involved some spectacular demonstrations of the power of Harry Potter characters but there is another, more harmless way to beat other wizards that fans hope to see in Hogwarts Legacy. Editors love Radica1Ky1e thinks Wizard Chess is a given for the game, saying “I’d like to think Wizard Chess is a given.”

Mini-games like chess often prove surprisingly addictive when presented in the environment of a detailed RPG and, with the added dose of magic that makes it perfect for Hogwarts, fans would be delighted to have the chance to play Wizard Chess in Hogwarts Legacy. Considering the precedents Harry Potter games have included the strategy game in one form or another, it would be a shame for Hogwarts Legacy to lack.

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