10 Unpopular Opinions About Amazon Prime Original Movies, According To Reddit

Featuring the latest original movie releases including All the old knives and I want you to come back, Amazon Prime Video continues to cater to moviegoers of all kinds, whether they’re looking for a spy thriller or a feel-good romantic comedy. When it comes to modern streaming, Amazon Prime has become one of the most used and sought after platforms in the streaming industry. Since the beginning of 2019, they have been releasing their own films, often to critical acclaim.

With high-profile movies, however, comes controversial fan opinions. If anyone knows how to do controversial opinions, it’s Reddit.


ten The Voyeurs was a great movie

The Voyeurs, starring Sydney Sweeney, was not meant to be an Oscar-nominated film. It was meant to be an erotic thriller, reviving a genre that had long been dormant. Whether he accomplished this is up for debate as many who watched had issues with the film as it currently sits at 44% on rotten tomatoeswith an audience score of 45%.

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While the film had detractors, some, like Reddit user Prolelol, were absolutely amused by the film. “I was really blown away by this movie. Yeah, the movie has so many twists and a lot of people were disturbed by that, but it honestly works for me,” they said, comparing it to Hitchcock’s work, especially rear window. While the Hitchcock comparison might be a bit strong for most moviegoers, The Voyeurs entertained, and that’s what cinema is for.

9 Camila Cabello’s Cinderella Was Good (2021)

Reddit user Uffda1990 knew they were going to ruffle some feathers the moment they said they loved the Camila Cabelo version of Cinderella. The film, notable for a cringe-worthy promotional tactic, features an all-star cast but was not warmly received by many, despite some improvements over the original Cinderella storybeing compared unfavorably to previous adaptations of Cinderella.

But the Reddit user got what he wanted from the film: entertainment. They state: “It was just what I needed. Something gloriously and shamelessly silly and fun. It’s so silly it’s actually kinda charming. and not being afraid to be that that he’s “sort of”. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Cinderella at least showed that lighthearted entertainment will always have an audience.

8 Michael B. Jordan was no good without remorse

Without remorse disappointed a lot of people, both those who love Tom Clancy books and those who love patriotic thrillers. A modern take on a book set in the ’70s, the movie didn’t quite land the way the directors probably expected. However, most critics and audience members agreed that it showed what a leading man Michael B. Jordan was.

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Reddit user aCorgiDriver is not one of those people. When a user asked why Jordan was, at least for them, wooden here, the user replied, “He’s not a great actor, maybe that’s why.” The original post stated that they thought Jordan was still a good actor, with aCorgiDriver admitting to liking the Creed movies, but thinking he’s often too stiff and over the top in most of his movies.

seven Coming 2 America was as good as the first movie

Coming to America is still fondly regarded as a staple and gem of 80s comedy, taking full advantage of Eddie Murphy’s talent as a comedian and a great movie with him playing multiple characters. So naturally, the long-delayed sequel was going to struggle to live up to its predecessor. Although it’s generally accepted to be a nostalgic and fun film, with many throwbacks to the original, most didn’t consider it a classic like its predecessor.

User ModulRaziel was particularly fond of the movie, saying, “Am I the only one who thinks it was as good as the first? you have to do them.” Naturally, as with many things on the internet, he was downgraded with little explanation other than people who disagreed with his opinion.

6 Borat’s daughter harmed the next Borat movie

Although it ended up being somewhat neglectedone of Amazon’s most successful films was Borat Next Moviea sequel to Sasha Baron Cohen’s 2006 hit film. Released at the same time as the upcoming presidential election, the film was hailed not only for its not-so-subtle political satire, but also for star Maria’s performance. Bakalova, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work.

One user, however, not only didn’t give the performance much thought, but had the headache that it completely hurt the movie. User Oxygenecube said, “Borat’s daughter just hurt the movie. I found myself wishing her scenes were over so I could get back to Borat.” This was immediately countered by a confusing response which stated that she was not only brilliant, but featured reminiscent of old Borat material, showing how most tended to agree that Bakalova was a neat scene stealer. positive for the film and its quality.

5 User likes Bliss, but not hot on her tracks

The ambitious sci-fi drama Happinessstarring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek was released to apathy in 2021. Many criticized the film saying it fell flat despite an intriguing premise and was not promoted properly, with mental health aspects being heavily discounted in favor of science fiction.

User Waldo_Pepper really liked the movie but had some interesting remarks about its two leads: “I can’t stand that Owen Wilson doesn’t like anything he’s ever been in. Meh on Salma. But they were both great at it .” Considering the popularity of these two artists, this is obviously not a popular take, but it shows how the arts and the artist can be interpreted and enjoyed in different forms.

4 Sylvie’s love had a bad narration

Christmas 2020 saw the release of Sylvia’s love, a film starring Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha. The romance film, set in the 1950s, has been widely hailed as a sweet, old-fashioned romantic film that celebrates African-American love. However, despite the praise from audiences and critics, people on Reddit were highly critical of the film’s storytelling, calling it poor.

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User RememberVideoStores commented, “Stylistically strong, but the storytelling is poor. Plus, as a romance movie, it sadly never bothers to tease or linger.” They also added that there were times when the film should have taken longer on a scene and hurt the film instead, in their opinion.

3 The Vast Of The Night Was Bad (and his fans too)

The immensity of the night was another film released in 2020 that received acclaim, with many calling it a high point in movies of that year. The film, set in 1950s New Mexico, worked as both a period piece and a sci-fi movie and was able to make an intriguing and original watch at a time when many people were looking for intriguing and original films.

So it came as a shock to r/movies when the user Solomon871 not only said it was a boring movie, but derided people who enjoyed the acclaimed film: “People have horrible taste in movies if I’m going by some of the comments here.” The user later tried to say that he was just trying to add a discussion about the movie, but this shows how the internet can be an echo chamber and some people can’t accept other ideas.

2 Chemical Hearts was not a formula

Lili Reinhart starred in the 2020 picture, chemical heartsaccording to the novel Our chemical hearts by Krystal Sutherland. The film received mixed reviews, with some calling it formulaic compared to other teen romance films.

A Reddit user, Jestin_1, disagreed with this claim and said how much they loved the film, saying “The story was very slow but in a nice, romantic way, it wasn’t cheesy or very cliched like all teen romance movies, this one had a spark that will always make me come back to it whenever I can and that makes me really happy.” Their only regret is not watching it with their girlfriend.

1 Blow The Man Down was just “good”

When Blow up the man was released in 2019, it was billed as a cinematic masterpiece, a Coen-Brothers-like experience, similar to Fargo, considered one of their most viewable films. Both movies are black comedies that deal with murder, so the comparison was obvious. Audience reaction has also been mostly positive, with many agreeing that it’s a film worth living for.

Some viewers were actually disappointed, considering it more of a waste of time than the true classic they thought it was going to be. User Blueskidoowecantoo said: “It was a good movie to turn on the background noise. It felt like it was setting up for a major climax that just never happened, or not to the extent that it would have could be.” Additionally, they also said that the movie would have worked better as a miniseries, where they could have fleshed out the plot.

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