6 Pixar Characters Deserving A Lightyear-Style Spinoff

If you were born in the 90s, you probably grew up with Pixar as your cinematic best friend. The animation company is responsible for producing some of the best family movies of all time (not to mention some of the the most moving movies of all time too).

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Although the most recent version of the company,Light year, didn’t reach the heights many were hoping for, that doesn’t mean the spinoffs of some of the studio’s most successful films should be locked away in a Star Command jail cell. In fact, several Pixar characters are just waiting for their chance to shine as the main character in their own movie. And yes, Mr. Potato Head is on the list.


The Potato Heads – A love story for the ages

If you have watched any of toy story movies (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), you know very well that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are completely in love with each other and are meant to be together. But it may not always have been straightforward for the pair of potatoes. Mrs. Potato Head originally arrived as one of Molly’s (Andy’s sister) toys.

That leaves us with a lot of potential to come back to that point to see how the two actually got to know each other. Imagine an animated version of Romeo and Juliet in which the warring families are Andy and Molly. Between all this chaos, the two Potato Heads must steal moments together, falling in love amidst a family feud. We don’t know about you, but we think this sounds like a love story for the ages (one that would probably be incredibly funny too).

Squirt And Crush – A Father/Son Adventure

The world of Nemo continued a string of successes for Pixar. Not only has the animated adventure grossed over $900 million worldwide, it’s also considered the 153rd best movie of all time, according to IMDB. Among the many highlights of The world of Nemoincluding a outstanding performance by Albert Brooks and one fun toy story Easter eggsthe father/son turtle duo from Squirt and Crush really steals the show.

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Squirt and Crush deserve a spinoff for the simple reason that they make a hilarious pair and audiences would love to see more of them. Not only that, but Pixar has a strong track record when exploring father/son relationships, which means this spinoff could be both emotional and funny. Ahead is a great example of a recent Pixar movie that deals with a road trip (when we meet Squirt and Crush, they’re on a journey), entertaining for audiences of all ages but also incredibly moving. Come on, Pixar, give us more Squirt and Crush noggin’ adventures.

Frozone – A Frozen Spin-Off

Is there a cooler Pixar character than Frozone? No, of course there isn’t. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, the ice-powered superhero is responsible for arguably the most iconic Pixar scene of all time (Honey, Where’s My Super Suit?). Although Frozone appeared in both The Incredibles movies, he never got the attention or attention his character truly deserves.

While the two scenes Frozone shares with his wife (still in the middle of an argument) are incredibly memorable, we don’t know anything else about her or the relationship they share. After two movie appearances, all we really know about Frozone are his powers and the fact that he’s good friends with the Parr family. A film focused on Frozone would allow audiences to learn more about the character and what drives him while showcasing his extraordinary powers which have so far only been used to support the Parr family. We don’t just want a Frozone spin-off; we need it.

Doc Hudson – A trip down memory lane

Although the Cars The series is made up of three films, a number of shorts, and an upcoming Disney+ series titled cars on the road, the franchise never lived up to the potential of its extraordinary premise. After the first film introduced us to this world and their way of life, the second film focused on Mater in a confusing spy story, and the third film disappointed audiences when we saw Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) finally accepts that he is too old to compete.

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Despite the missteps, there’s still plenty to explore in this world, and perhaps the answer lies in the past. Doc Hudson, Lightning McQueen’s mentor, was a race car named Hudson Hornet that won three Piston Cups. Not only would a film focused on the Hornet allow us to see its incredible triumphs, but it would also be interesting to see what the world was like back then. Is this world advancing at a pace similar to ours? What would technology look like back then? Was the Hudson crash more serious because of the lack of technology? These are just some of the questions a Doc Hudson spin-off movie could answer, and we’d love to learn more about this world of sentient cars, planes, and boats.

Boo – A quest to return to Monstropolis

Boo and Sulley’s relationship in monsters invs is one of the most touching in Pixar history. After initially fearing the child, Sulley learns to love and protect her as if she were his own daughter. Although the film’s final scene involves Boo and Sulley reuniting, Boo does not make an appearance in the Disney+ spin-off series, monsters at work. This gives Pixar the perfect opportunity to divert attention from this Monstropolis franchise for a movie, allowing us to catch up with Boo in the real world.

Perhaps Boo was determined to find Sully and spent his entire childhood experimenting and growing smarter in order to create a bridge to Monstropolis. It would be nice to see how it affects him and how the rest of the world reacts to his seemingly absurd claims. Seeing Boo struggle for many years of his life, desperately trying to find his furry friend, would make their eventual reunion incredibly emotional and touching.

Edna Fashion – No capes!

How the hell does a fashion designer end up designing superhero costumes? This is the question we want to answer in a spin-off film from Edna Mode. The character (voiced by Brad Bird) is incredibly fun to watch. She has no filters, doesn’t listen to a word from anyone, and doesn’t care about anything but herself and great stylistic costumes. The movies make it clear that the character is extremely wealthy and now only works on projects she deems worthy of her time, but we’d love to know how she went from allegedly designing dresses and sweaters to designing super suits .

Additionally, she knows the true identities of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. How did she prove she was trustworthy enough to have such important information? A supervillain could surely solve this problem and hatch a plan to capture Edna and steal her knowledge. It would be an interesting story to play out on the big screen. Allowing audiences to watch Edna Mode take on a supervillain armed with nothing but her wits and incredible knowledge of fashion. And let’s be honest, there is only one winner in this fight.

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