7 Things Only Book Fans Know About Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers

fans of the Harry Potter The franchise is preparing for the planned holiday 2022 release of the next open-world video game Hogwarts Legacy. The title will give audiences the opportunity to go to Hogwarts and attend classes as a student wizard or wizard, something many fans have always dreamed of. The game is supposed to be set in the late 1800s, so around 100 years before Harry saved the world from the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Of course, this means that since Voldemort hasn’t attended school yet, the position of teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts will not have been cursed. Back when many still knew him as Tom Riddle, Voldemort made it so that Dumbledore could never keep a teacher in that position for more than a year after being denied the job himself. This means that every year Harry had a different DADA teacher, for better or for worse. While these teachers have often played a vital role in Harry’s story, there are several details about the likes of Professors Quirrell, Lupin, Snape, and More Than Ever in the movies, ensuring that only the most books fans devotees knew their full story. .


Quirinus Quirrell was a genius

Quirinus Quirrell was Harry’s first DADA teacher, and in the movies he is seen as little more than a coward. There are never even any scenes depicted in the Sorcerer’s Stone film showing what the teacher was like in class or if Harry had ever learned anything from him to begin with. Instead, the whole audience learns that he secretly had Voldemort’s face on the back of his head.

In the book, however, Hagrid tells Harry that Quirrell was a genius. He pointed out that the Harry Potter teacher could be summed up by his nervous and odd ways but that there were few at Hogwarts who were smarter. This is later supported by the fact that Quirrell was the only person who could figure out where Voldemort was hiding, even though that intellect ultimately didn’t save his life.

Gilderoy Lockhart appeared in Order of the Phoenix

In end of Chamber of Secrets, Gilderoy Lockhart finally gets what he deserves. He had spent years stealing wizarding success stories and erasing their memories. It made him rich and famous, but, ironically, he was left with his own memory erased and movie audiences never saw him again.

That wasn’t the case with the books, however. In The order of the Phoenix, after Nagini attacks Mr. Weasley, Harry and company. went to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Diseases to visit him while he recovered. There, the group met Lockhart and discovered that he had been living in the hospital since his accident. He still had no idea who he was but had by no means lost his attention-seeking personality.

Remus Lupine fought against cowardice

Of Harry’s DADA teachers, Remus Lupin was by far the best. It was hard even for Slytherin students to stop themselves from having fun and learning in his classes. Lupine was knowledgeable, patient and fair and taught Harry what it meant to face his fears, as well as giving him a of the best quotes from a teacher Harry Potter: “Eat, you’ll feel better.”

However, the books revealed much more about Lupin’s history, including the fact that he was far from perfect. His romance with Tonks was tumultuous, and although he taught Harry to be brave, Lupine didn’t always practice what he preached. In Deathly Hallowshe even tried to abandon his wife and child, all because he was too afraid of being wrong as a father and husband.

Barty Crouch Jr was held captive by his father

While Mad-Eye Moody was technically appointed to the post of DADA in Goblet of Fire, he never really taught himself. Instead, Barty Crouch Jr got the job done, using the Polyjuice potion to disguise himself as a battle-scarred Auror. In the film, the audience learns that he was Barty Crouch Sr.’s Death Eater son, but that was about it.

In the book, Crouch Jr. explains that his father and mother had broken him out of prison years before the events of Goblet of Fire and that he had been held captive in his father’s house under the Imperius Curse, which was the the worst thing that happened to the alleged Hogwarts professor. Over time, the curse weakened, and eventually he was strong enough to find his master and end their evil plan.

Dolores Umbridge lied about Slytherin’s locket

Harry had several bad DADA teachers over the years, but none could compare to Dolores Umbridge. She may have always known how to hide behind the law, but it is clear that the professor was perfectly summarized by his most diabolical quotes in Harry Potter. She only cared about her status and power, and her behavior in the movies made that clear.

While the cinematic portrayal of Umbridge was quite close to that of the books, there was a moment in Deathly Hallows it was missed. It was then that Umbridge told a disguised Hermione that the locket she was wearing was a family heirloom from the Pureblood Selwyns. Of course, Harry knew it was actually Slytherin’s. The witch lying about her own blood status while sentencing Muggle-borns to prison was just too much for Harry, who shocked and knocked her out, despite the consequences.

Severus Snape always loved black magic

After 15 years of trying to get the DADA job, Severus Snape finally got it. Half-Blood Prince. It was a choice of Dumbledore, who knew that Snape would have to join Voldemort after this year anyway. Before that, it had been speculated that Dumbledore feared that Snape would be tempted by the proximity of evil forces.

While the Deathly Hallows The movie never introduced Snape’s DADA class, the book spent a lot of time exploring what Snape was like teaching Harry’s favorite class. Predictably, he wasn’t much nicer, but it was revealed how much the Professor still revered the forces of evil. This enraged Harry, who wondered again why Dumbledore would have named him. Of course, Hermione was there to tell him that the way Snape spoke about dark magic was similar to the way Harry had in Dumbledore’s Army lessons, revealing the parallels between fear and reverence.

Amycus Carrow changed the class to “The Dark Arts”

The movies said very little about the Carrow siblings, Amycus, and Alecto, other than that they were Death Eaters appointed to Hogwarts by Voldemort and Snape. However, in the books, the pair was first introduced in Deathly Hallowsas they were both present at the top of the Astronomy Tower the night Dumbledore died.

This meant that Harry knew exactly who they were when they got positions at the school, which instilled tremendous fear in his friends (since he wasn’t at Hogwarts himself). This fear was well-founded, as Neville later told the Golden Trio that Amycus, the brother who was made the DADA teacher, changed the class to just “the forces of evil”, and part of the curriculum practiced curses. unforgivable the first- freshmen.

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