8 Memes That Prove How Awesome Arya Stark Is

With the news that there is a Jon Snow following the start of production, fans are wondering which characters, if any, of game of thrones will make an appearance. The character that’s often brought up is Arya Stark, who fans last remember sailing West, leaving curiosities about her current whereabouts.

Arya Stark was one of the best characters on the show, who shunned traditional domestic roles and survived the atrocities of the War of the Seven Kingdoms. She had an interesting backstory from the start of the series and had a way of going above and beyond in a way that people wouldn’t expect from a wayward young girl, with these memes perfectly illustrating her willful, tomboyish attitude. ‘Arya.


8 She avenged her family

Meme about Arya Stark avenging her family on Game of Thrones.

Source: Twitter

Ned Stark was one of the most honorable people on game of thrones, but its storyline was cut short to kick off the rest of the series and create shock value. After Arya loses her father, her character arc changes drastically.

Although she was always unique and wanted to learn how to fight, losing her family and having to go out on her own forced her to be strong. This meme references Arya’s infamous Roster, dedicating her life and training to getting revenge on the people who wronged her family.

seven She had the best teachers

Meme about all of Arya Stark's teachers in Game of Thrones.

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Although Arya Stark has grown to be a real badass, she hasn’t done it all on her own. She had the help of some amazing coaches. Although The Hound and Jaqen (or The Faceless Man) weren’t actively trying to teach Arya anything to help her avenge her family, they played a major role in her story.

If Arya hadn’t had these teachers to guide her on her journey, it’s hard to say what would have happened to her. Although she was a tough girl, she was still just a child when she left King’s Landing. If she hadn’t learned some valuable lessons, she probably wouldn’t have gone on to do some of the amazing things she does.

6 Jaqen is proud

Meme about Jaqen being proud of Arya in Game of Thrones.

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Arya goes through one of the toughest lessons when she trains to be Nobody and earn a place among the Faceless Men. Jaqen was his inspiration to seek out the Assassin’s Guild in Braavos because he believed she had what it takes to be part of the organization.

While this meme points out that Arya couldn’t become one of the Faceless and instead chose to go home, it also points out that her teacher seemed happy to let her go like this. It’s hard to say if Jaqen was proud of herself or just thought the debt to the Many-Faced God was fulfilled with the death of the Waif, but this twist in Arya’s story was awesome regardless.

5 She doesn’t respect anyone

Meme about Arya Stark being taught by No One.

Source: Twitter

Her experience with the Faceless Men in Braavos is one of the most outstanding points in Arya’s story. Although he technically tried to have her killed, Arya still respected Jaqen for keeping her safe when she was trapped in Tywin Lannister’s camp and didn’t know where to go.

She could have picked up her family or another ally before heading to Braavos, but her experiences with the guild made her strong. She could have bragged about what she had seen and done, but when asked how she learned to be such an amazing fighter, as this meme mentions, she chose to respect Jaqen’s way of life and faceless men.

4 She did the job

Even on Arya's position in the Stark family.

Source: Twitter

There is a lot of characters who deserved a better ending, but Arya Stark had a pretty interesting storyline and a satisfying conclusion. While all of the Stark children had taken care of personal matters, Arya did most of the work when it came to avenging their family.

Not only did Arya seem to be the most capable of the family to protect themselves and make decisions, but she terminated Walder Frey, Petyr Baelish, and Meryn Trant to avenge their family’s betrayals and deaths. Although all of the Starks have gone their own way, this meme reminds fans that Arya has done the most by doing what she always promised to do.

3 She is unique

Meme about how Arya killed Walder Frey in Game of Thrones.

Source: Reddit

One of the most satisfying game of thrones deaths was Walder Frey. He was one of the meanest men in the entire series, betraying Robb Stark and murdering him along with his wife and mother.

For such a despicable man, Arya decided to become unique when she got her revenge. Instead of just setting him up and killing him, like she did with Meryn Trant, she made sure he knew first why she was there. This meme references how Arya baked Frey’s sons into a pie before ending her life.

2 She shot down the Night King

Meme about Arya Stark killing the Night King in Game of Thrones.

Source: Twitter

With such an epic story, fans hope to see Arya in any sequel series. She’s not only brave, strong, and smart, but brings surprise and mystery to the show.

There were several characters that fans predicted would end the Night King. It was a complete shock to much of the audience to see Arya trick the Night King and kill him so easily. The show had already proven Arya Stark to be an incredible character, but this meme reminds fans that she exceeded expectations and did what no one else could.

1 He’s a superhero

Meme comparing Arya Stark from Game of Thrones to Batman.

Source: Twitter

There are plenty of characters fans could compare Arya Stark to, but linking her to the well-known superhero, Batman, is an interesting choice. However, the comparison seems logical.

While superheroes have no place in this genre, characters like Arya are about as close as it gets. Although she wants to do what she thinks is right and protect people, she is also not against breaking the rules. There are several heroic characters in this series, but Arya is able to continually impress audiences while remaining true to herself.

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