9 Best Comic Book Issues of the 1990s

The 1990s were a turbulent decade for the The Fantastic Four. The decade saw the iconic team undergo many changes and evolutions as they tried to find their place in a period marked by flashy events and a speculative boom that nearly destroyed the industry. Despite their challenges, the 1990s produced some great FF comics.

The 1990s saw the team’s classic roster undergo massive changes, including an all-time great line-up with Spider-Man and Wolverine. Concepts that potentially play a role in the MCU have also emerged during this time, including those that already do, like Mobius, first appearing in The Fantastic Four #352.


9 Fantastic Four #11

Ayesha plays a key role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and likely continues in the sequel through her connection to Adam Warlock. This connection makes The Fantastic Four #11 from 1998 a fun and intriguing number. Ayesha threatens the team by becoming Elle, an homage to Lui, the initial form of Warlock. The cover also pays homage to his first appearance in The Fantastic Four #66.

Written by Chris Claremont, possibly the best X-Men comic writerit chronicles the team’s origin with a few modern updates, notably dropping any reference to the Soviet Union as a motivating factor in Reed Richards’ desire to go to space.

8 Fantastic Four #1

The team gets perhaps its biggest modern update in The Fantastic Four #1 from 1996. Although this issue emerges from polemic heroes reborn initiative which brought in Image co-founders Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld to boost sales of Marvel’s flagship titles, it features fantastic Lee artwork and recontextualizes the team for a new era.

The issue shows how the team’s main origin lives on with modern updates, a lesson the MCU can learn from this and later comics as it introduces the team to live-action. in 2024.

seven Fantastic Four #400

The Fantastic Four #400 represents a major milestone for Marvel Comics’ first superhero team, and a major battle with likely implications for the MCU. The issue opens with the death of The One, a Watcher, a monumental event in the comics. This occurs during an epic battle between the Watchers and the Celestials, among which the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe.

The war emerges from the Watchers’ concern over Celestial interference in galactic events. The Celestials’ ruthless disregard for existing life in the MCU, destroying planets to make more of them, could easily become a problem with The Watcher, Uatu, who has shown an unwillingness to simply stay away. What if..?

6 Fantastic Four #337

Fantastic Four #337 opens up an epic arc that sees the team team up with Iron Man and Thor to travel to the future to uncover the source of a terrifying time bubble. Written and drawn by Walt Simonson, responsible for some of the best thor comics of all timethe issue features some amazing visuals and action.

The Fantastic Four ride a time sled into the future, where they eventually encounter the Time Variance Authority, Galactus, and more, all to keep the MCU adapting to the future.

5 Fantastic Four #366

Fantastic Four #366 features a potential MCU battle. This tie-in to The Infinity War crossover event pits Reed Richards against an evil doppelganger created by Magus. Magus, an evil variant of Adam Warlock from the future, creates duplicates of many heroes to aid him in his attempt to conquer the entire universe.

The issue features a big battle between good and bad Reeds, a battle that likely takes place in the MCU in one form or another. Many variations of Reed potentially appear in the MCU as The Multiverse Saga unfolds and with Adam Warlock coming live in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Magus is not far behind.

4 Assault: Marvel Universe

Onslaught: Marvel Universe features the demise of the Fantastic Four, or so it seems. This oversized one-shot brings the team together with the X-Men and the Avengers in an all-out brawl to stop Onslaught, among the most powerful villains of the X-Men in the comicswith the FF and the Avengers seemingly sacrificing their lives in the effort.

This issue sets up the resurrection of the team in Heroes Reborn, in a pocket universe created by Reed and Sue Richards, sons of Franklin. A pocket universe plays a bit of a role in 2015’s Secret Wars crossover and could in the MCU as the franchise races into 2025 Avengers: Secret Wars.

3 Fantastic Four #348

crazy fantasticr #348 features the biggest and funniest change to the team’s roster ever. With the original team captured by the Skrull impostor De’Lila, a temporary team including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider forms to come to their aid.

Rewritten by Simonson, the issue features iconic cover art and spectacular interior art by Art Adams, who is also providing the covers for this team’s current comeback in the comics this summer.

2 Fantastic Four #353

Simonson continues his iconic run in The Fantastic Four #353, notable for its in-depth exploration of the Time Variance Authority. This organization plays a fundamental role in Loki and likely continues in season two. Many of the concepts used in the series saw the light of day in this thrilling and surreal issue.

The issue also features Mobius for the first time. This character plays a vital role in the MCU just as he does in the comics, though there are plenty of Mobius clones featured in the issue. Simonson based the character’s appearance on legendary Marvel Comics writer Mark Gruenwald.

1 Fantastic Four #352

The Fantastic Four #352 represents Simonson’s pinnacle during his all-too-brief run at the title. The issue includes an ongoing battle between Doctor Doom and Reed Richards that takes place in the gutters of the page unlike the main story. The time battle takes place in black and white but occasionally breaks the color panel.

This inventive use of the medium easily makes the comic one of the best Fantastic Four issues of the 1990s and, in many ways, the best of all time. The issue emerges with the inventiveness and visual flair that are hallmarks of Simonson’s best work, and also potentially serves as inspiration for future MCU battles between Doom and Reed.

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