9 Characters From Season 1 Who Lived To The End

After years of speculation about the final of The Sopranosit was confirmed that the abrupt cut in black meant the death of Tony Sopranos. Tony then joins the long list of characters who have been killed off on the show, many by his own hand. But as deadly as the series can be, some characters made it to the end.

Although they were introduced in the very first season, these characters defied the odds and lasted the entire series. Whether it was their wits, their intrigues, or their sheer luck, these characters were the few survivors of The Sopranos.


9 Paulie Nuts

The recent death of actor Tony Sirico devastated many fans of The Sopranos as he gave an iconic performance as Paulie Walnuts. He was one of the best men in Tony’s organization and always fun to watch.

Perhaps it was Paulie’s humor that kept him alive, as fans would probably have hated losing such a funny character. The last we see of Paulie, he reluctantly accepts Tony’s offer to take on the former crew of Aprile. Considering how bad luck this position had, it’s possible that Paulie didn’t last much longer than Tony.

8 Hesh Rabkin

Although Hesh is not a created man due to his Jewish heritage, he is a very important part of Tony’s operations. He was an old friend of Tony’s father and continues to act as an advisor to the organization.

Hesh is liked by Tony and keeps a low profile which makes him feel safer than most of the other characters on the show. Although his shrewd business tactics also make him one of the The Sopranos‘discreet villains. There was an instance where Hesh’s life was at stake as Tony owed him money and considered killing him rather than pay, but he manages to escape the dark fate.

seven Artie Buco

Artie Bucco is a prime example of how Tony Soprano can poison the lives of those around him, even those not involved in organized crime. Artie is a childhood friend of Tony’s and a restaurant owner who keeps being drawn into Tony’s world of crime, either against his will or due to his own desire for a lifestyle.

Artie has had several close encounters with death, including when he nearly killed Tony after learning the truth about his restaurant fire. But while he was certainly corrupt at times, Artie seemed to refocus on his business by the end of the series.

6 Meadow Soprano

One of the most interesting aspects of the show was how it showed both Tony’s violent and exciting work life as well as his struggles at home. Tony’s relatives on The Sopranos are still a big part of the story with his daughter Meadow being a particularly interesting character.

Meadow is an outspoken person and far more progressive than her parents, often challenging their outdated views. She also criticizes Tony’s work on several occasions. During the series finale scene, Meadow is shown parking her car in an endless sequence adding to the tension of the moment. However, there is no indication that anything happens to her before she reaches the restaurant.

5 AJ Soprano

In one of the series’ first episodes, Tony’s son AJ learns the truth about his father’s business. It’s a revelation he struggles with throughout the series as he gradually learns that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a part of this world.

AJ is not always the most ambitious young man and even attempts suicide at one point in the series. But in the end, he seems to have settled on the path to making his career. Although since he was present at the dinner, it’s likely that he would have witnessed his father’s murder, which would no doubt greatly affect him.

4 Silvio Dante

Another key member of Tony’s crew is Silvio. Although he may be quieter than some of the other band members, Silvio is also an intimidating presence at times and a charming comic figure at other times.

He often serves as Tony’s moral compass when it comes to business decisions, genuinely caring for his boss and helping him deal with his demons. Although Silvio is alive at the end of the series, he is left in a coma following an assassination attempt and the outlook is not rosy. It’s possible he followed Tony into death shortly after the show ended.

3 Dr. Jennifer Melfi

Dr. Melfi’s survival in the show is even more impressive than others as she actually shares the show’s opening scene with Tony. As a therapist, Melfi is continually drawn into his violent world despite attempts to keep things strictly professional.

Melfi continually struggles to be fascinated and terrified of Tony, with several of their sessions becoming quite heated. In the end, she makes the somewhat rash decision that Tony isn’t interested in being helped and ends their sessions. While she may have been wrong in her assessment of Tony, walking away from him could also have been a good idea.

2 young soprano

Judging by the animosity that develops between Tony and his uncle Junior at the start of the series, it’s quite surprising that the old man made it to the end without dying. Feeling his leadership in the crime family was being challenged by Tony, Junior landed a punch on his nephew, possibly turning him into a biggest quarrel The Sopranos.

Junior would have been killed in retaliation by Tony if he hadn’t been caught first. He spent the rest of the series watching his gangster status slowly fade away. He is last seen in a nursing home, unable to remember that he was once part of the organized crime world.

1 Carmela Soprano

As Tony’s wife, Carmela is a very complex character. Considering she knows the type of company Tony works at, you could say she’s complicit. However, it seems clear that she would be horrified to learn some of the things Tony does.

Tony and Carmela have a rocky marriage, with his constant infidelities being the main cause of their problems. Although Tony is never violent with her, some of their fights, including when she finally kicked him out, might have had fans worried for his safety. In the end, she’s there with Tony just before he seemingly meets his end.

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