Bullet Train characters and their MCU counterparts

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Bullet Train.

The public should check High-speed train following its release on August 5, 2022, bringing Brad Pitt back to the big screen. The film received mixed to positive reviews, but praise was given to its characters. The action genre is usually dominated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days, so High-speed train the characters can be best understood by comparing them to MCU villains and heroes.

For every despicable antagonist like the White Death, there’s an equally vile villain like Thanos. Likewise, there are lovable heroes like Ladybug for those who enjoy Thor’s role in the MCU. It’s worth looking at all the characters that look alike between High-speed train and the MCU.


Father: Scott Lang

Split Images of Angry Dad in Bullet Train and Scott Lang Crossing His Arms in Ant-Man

For many viewers, The ant Man is the most family-friendly MCU movie and much of the credit goes to the fatherly personality of Scott Lang. Scott will do anything for his daughter Cassie, including giving her own life. In the same vein, the Father boarded the train in High-speed train to keep his son alive.

The father was willing to be framed for the Prince’s planned White Death assassination if it meant his son would be safe, which Scott Lang would understand. The father and Scott see fatherhood as their ultimate achievement, nothing prevents them from ensuring that their children are happy.

The Elder: T’Challa

Split images of The Elder fighting in Bullet Train and Black Panther with his claws in Avengers Infinity War

Movies with Black Panther tend to be the best entries in the MCU, with the character known for his wise attitude and willingness to learn. T’Challa was devoted to his family, to the point that he yearned for revenge for his father’s death. Likewise, the eldest held his vendetta against the White Death for claiming his wife’s life.

Such was the elder’s devotion to his family that he planned his grandson’s protection in advance and boarded the train to save the father’s life since the latter was his son. Both T’Challa and the Elder were wise enough to know when to let go, the Elder sparing Helmut Zemo while the Elder did the same with the Prince.

Maria Beetle: Nick Furie

Split footage of Maria Beetle talking to Ladybug in Bullet Train and Nick Fury laughing in Iron Man 2

It was Maria who manipulated Ladybug during her adventure on the train, also being her supervisor. Nick Fury was the boss of the Avengers and was in charge of most of the heroes’ missions in the series. Both characters always seem to be one step ahead of the others.

Where Nick Fury became close with the Avengers, Maria was also attached to Ladybug despite claiming not to be. Fury and Maria knew when to keep their cool and how their subordinates’ minds worked, ultimately guiding them to survival.

The Hornet: Nebula

Split footage of Hornet laughing in Bullet Train and Nebula smiling in Guardians of the Galaxy

The Hornet and Nebula are females controlled primarily by their bloodlust, not caring who they hurt. They considered being high-level assassins their greatest achievement, having little or no empathy for their victims. The characters are also surprisingly adept at presenting dark comedy.

The Nebula was trained to be such a way by Thanos, while the Hornet seemed to be generally easy to trigger. Their inflated egos prevented Nebula and the Hornet from viewing the heroes as great threats, which came to haunt them when the protagonists eventually outwitted them.

The Prince: Loki

Split footage of Prince reading a book in Bullet Train and Loki smiling in Thor Ragnarok

There are more than several schemes that Loki developed in the MCU, due to its deceitful nature. Loki could get anyone to trust him until he inevitably stabbed them in the back, with the prince behaving the same way. She pretended to be a helpless teenager all along High-speed trainwhich worked like a charm.

Loki and the Prince are cunning individuals who don’t mind killing people to get what they want. They also suffered from massive paternal issues to the point where Loki and the prince wanted to eliminate their own siblings to hurt their father. However, the prince went further by causing the White Death to disappear in the end.

The Wolf: Star-Lord

Split footage of Wolf with a knife in Bullet Train and Star-Lord looking annoyed in Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord is generally a carefree character, but this is mostly a way for him to mask his inner sadness. Star-Lord can completely lose control when a loved one dies, as seen when he attacked Thanos for killing Gamora. The wolf behaved much the same way when his wife was killed.

The wolf had a childhood as sad as Star-Lord, seeing his wife as his ticket to happiness. The loss of his wife led to the wolf losing his mind and attacking Ladybug on the train, not realizing that the latter was not to blame. Star-Lord and the Wolf were overall tragic characters who had brief brushes with happiness.

The White Death: Thanos

Split Images of White Death Wearing Sunglasses in Bullet Train and Thanos Smiling in Avengers Infinity War

Thanos is considered the MCU’s best villain, with all the heroes of the universe united to defeat him. The White Death played this role in High-speed trainas the protagonists all had beef with him for causing the death of their loved ones or for trying to eliminate them.

Thanos and the White Death were terrible fathers to their children, causing them to resent the White Death and attempt to take his life. Both villains left a trail of bodies in their wake in the name of dominance, viewing everyone they killed as a necessary evil.

Lemon: Groot

Split footage of Lemon looking confused in Bullet Train and Groot looking confused in Guardians of the Galaxy

Lemon and Groot are criminals but they have a heart of gold, especially due to their loyalty to those close to them. Lemon formed a duet with Tangerine as bickering brothers, which is similar to Groot’s relationship with Rocket. Lemon and Groot are also the quietest and most innocent members of their duo.

Lemon extended his loyalty to Ladybug, the Elder, and the Father at the peak, which is similar to Groot accepting the rest of the Guardians as his friends. Both Lemon and Groot sacrificed themselves to save their teammates, with the pair also somehow surviving when it seemed impossible.

Tangerine: rocket raccoon

Split footage of Tangerine looking scared in Bullet Train and Rocket with a gun in Avengers Endgame

Tangerine and Rocket are the kind of people who say hurtful things but really care about their family. Tangerine kept insulting Lemon for High-speed trainonly to burst into tears when he thought the latter was dead, so he attempted revenge.

Rocket was also the Guardian who keeps insulting his teammates, but was broken when they were lost to Thanos’ Snap. Rocket and Tangerine love leading people around and are very sensitive when someone makes a good comeback to their put-downs.

Ladybug: Thor

Split images of smiling Ladybug in Bullet Train and smiling Thor in Love and Thunder

Ladybug just wanted to get the briefcase and get off the train, only to be drawn into the larger White Death plot. Thor had this attitude in love and thunderwhere he didn’t want to fight anyone and just wanted to be at peace after a lifetime of fighting.

Ladybug was once an assassin who changed her mind and sought peaceful resolutions, bringing her mindset into the same space as Thor. Both Ladybug and Thor are talented fighters who are goofs by personality. They crave love and acceptance from their friends and continue to lament their terrible luck.

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