Deadpool’s 10 Most Horrifying Deaths

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions/depictions of violence, blood, and death.

With Dead Pool 3on the horizon, many fans are eager to see where dead Poolthe franchise is going now that it’s owned by Disney. R-rated movies are known and loved for their extreme violence, crudeness, and general vulgarity. Deadpool himself is a refreshing take on honest superheroes as an inappropriate and almost immature antihero.

Some of the sword-wielding mercenary’s best kills are uncensored and graphically bloody and bloody, which can be both unnerving for viewers and interesting at times. Deadpool himself is injured in various ways that would be fatal if not for his regenerative powers, but never fail to make audiences cringe.


ten road sign

The start of dead Pool begins with a bang, featuring the main character in a fight on the freeway looking for a man named Francis. In this scene, Deadpool kills at least 15 men, but what can be considered one of the most gruesome and iconic deaths is a man who gets knocked out of a car, hits a traffic sign and explode into pieces.

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It’s a great way to start the movie because it shows the viewer what they’re getting into and gives them a chance to get used to the gore. This death is a fan favorite due to the hilarity of the man’s audible “splat” as he lands.

9 highway kebab

This death marks the end of the infamous opening scene of the freeway as Deadpool uses the two swords from his back to impale a man running towards him. The film then cuts to Deadpool lifting the man above his head in a victorious pose where the viewer can visibly see the swords sticking out of the body.

This action scene says a lot about Deadpool’s personality. Throughout the fight, viewers can see how happy Deadpool is about his kills and takes it lightly, even using the time to show off and look cool. This immediately establishes that the film is different from other superhero films, as Deadpool is obviously very willing to kill for what he wants.

8 deadpool impaled

In this scene, the mercenary angrily fights Francis after setting the lab on fire. While down, Francis rams a pipe into Deadpool’s body with a very visible spurt of blood, then he bends a hook at the end.

This scene is both emotionally and physically difficult for the main character, and it’s one of the only scenes in the film that is more serious than humorous. Not only was Deadpool beaten by Francis, who tortured and disfigured him, but he is also left for a long and painful death, as he has yet to experience the full extent of his regenerative powers. For Deadpool, right now is really the end.

seven Stabbed through the neck

In Deadpool 2, Deadpool and his friends Cable and Domino fight against the orphanage’s abusive staff. One of the members slips on a support and falls to the ground, accidentally stabbing himself in the neck with his own knife.

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This scene is definitely less gory than others due to very little blood, but it’s still gruesome as the sound effects and the man’s response induce feelings of hurt in the viewers themselves. This accidental death shows how inexperienced the staff at the orphanage are in combat and provides some wry humor that is quite satisfying to watch.

6 Mass murder at the bar

At the beginning of Deadpool 2, Deadpool gives an iconic monologue then falls into a Hong Kong skyscraper and kills everyone in the bar to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” soundtrack. These murders are exceptionally bloody as he chops off many hands and heads and even stabs his sword directly into a man’s bald scalp.

These scenes only further prove Deadpool’s insane talent and skill, as he is able to take on a massive amount of opponents with very little damage to himself. Viewers are introduced to what Deadpool has been up to, and the ease with which he kills these dangerous criminals and murderers only solidifies his status as an anti-hero.

5 Deadpool in the bathhouse

After Deadpool’s first mass murder in the opening scene, viewers then see a montage of many of his mass murders in other countries. One includes Deadpool fighting in a bathhouse where he cuts off numerous limbs, including knees and arms, and watchers can see the victims moving desperately without their appendages.

This scene is especially painful to watch because of all the extra arms and legs collapsing. Additionally, Deadpool calls for a time out to flush the “villain blood” from his eye which he calls “gross”, which is both funny but also helps to humiliate and humanize the character who so easily kills all his enemies.

4 Death by helicopter

In Deadpool 2, Deadpool organizes his own team called X-Force, all of whom parachute out of an airplane into AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”. One of the members named Shatterstar, who is also an alien, gets his parachute tangled in the blades of a helicopter and dies, splattering his green blood and long hair everywhere.

Although Shatterstar wasn’t really human, his death was brutal nevertheless due to its raw remains being left behind. Shatterstar’s body is even shown being whipped around the blades of the helicopter, which depicts the greatness of the special effects team. The horror shown by the helicopter pilot and passengers is an exceptionally funny addition to the already entertaining scene.

3 Death by a wood chipper

Zeitgeist is another X-Force member who was known for his ability to expel acidic vomit from his mouth. He dies after landing his parachute inside a wood chipper, which then ejects its bloody jagged pieces. Even Deadpool himself is disgusted and almost throws up.

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The quick and unexpected death of virtually the entire X-Force team that was featured just minutes earlier is a great gag skillfully put together by the producers and never fails to bring viewers laughs. It pokes fun at the common trope of a super team in other movies like Justice Leagueand The Suicide Squad but gives it its own unique touch.

2 Deadpool torn in two

In this scene, Deadpool meets the Juggernaut, who decides to help Russell kill the director of the orphanage. Not only is this scene extremely funny due to Deadpool’s immediate delight at the sight of the giant, but the Juggernaut grabs the awestruck fan and effortlessly rips them in half.

Although Deadpool isn’t killed off, the action itself is extremely violent and bloody, as it clearly displays Deadpool’s separated halves and the spray of blood and intestines. This says a lot about the character of Deadpool that he is more concerned with Russell than his separate body. Later, this gives way to an iconic and priceless scene showing the adult half of Deadpool with his baby legs growing back.

1 Crushed by Dopinder

At the end of Deadpool 2, Russell redeems himself by choosing not to kill the abusive manager. But then, much to the shock of the characters and the audience, the director is run over by Dophinder’s cab with a spray of wild blood. The deafening silence after death is hilarious.

This scene is very violent, but this is overlooked by Dopinder’s extreme excitement. It’s great to see this very ordinary man that viewers can relate to become the hero of the story. Many fans love the character of Dopinder both for the comic relief he brings and for his unmatched loyalty to Deadpool no matter the circumstances. It’s a fitting and satisfying ending for the film.

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