Jamie Foxx Explains How It’s More Than John Wick With Vampires

With director JJ Perryit is Day shift now streaming on Netflix, I recently spoke to Jamie Foxx and David Franco about making their vampire action movie. Foxx plays a hardworking dad who works as a pool cleaner. But what his family doesn’t know is that the pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income – hunting and killing vampires. Franco plays an employee of the Vampire Hunters Syndicate, who pays hunters for killing vampires and selling their fangs. When the two team up against their will, they must make the best of a bad situation, resulting in plenty of fun moments where each actor can shine.

Day shift also stars Snoop Dogg, Karla Souza, Meagan Bon, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Olivier Masucci, Steve Howe, Scott Adkins, CS Leeand Sion Broadnax. The screenplay was written by Shay Hatton (John Wick: Chapter 3, army of thieves) and newcomer Tice Tyler. Shaun Redick, Yvette Yates, Jason Spitzand Chad Stahelski serve as producers.


During the interview, Foxx and Franco talk about the impressive opening fight scene between Foxx and an elderly vampire, how the film balances humor, action and serious moments, what it was like to shoot the film in forty-two days, the world of Day shifthow is it more than John Wick with vampires, and more.

Watch what they said above, or you can read our conversation below.

COLLIDER: I had so much fun with this and some of these action sets are so good. Let’s just go to the opening. And I’m sorry, Dave, that you’re not in this one, but this opening-

DAVE FRANCO: Oh, please.

That opening fight sequence with the grandma is fantastic. Can you talk a bit about filming this sequence because it’s a great fight?

JAMIE FOXX: Listen. For me, that’s what sold me on the film. When JJ showed me the preview of this, I said, “Yo money, what is it? How does this lady, old lady do?” And he says, “The contortions and that.” So when we started shooting that, that was the one thing I couldn’t wait in because I wanted to see what I would look like. And, it turned out amazing. The trailer, I say this all the time, the trailer that we released, outperformed, and it got 19 million views in less than 24 hours. It’s because when they see that shotgun blast and blast that old grandma in the kitchen, people are like, “What the hell is that?” And so, that really piqued everyone’s interest. So, I can’t wait for people to tune in and check this out, because it’s going hard.

FRANCO: But when you shoot a granny in the wall with a shotgun in your first scene, that really sets the tone for the rest of the movie, and you know you’re going to have a great time.

FOXX: Of course.

FRANCO: That’s a really good way out of the door.

The tone of this film is interesting because it is funny. It can be serious. And it’s also action-packed. Can you talk about the fact that JJ does a really good job of balancing? It’s a tricky thing to do.

FRANCO: Certainly. Yeah. I mean, in my first chats with JJ, he basically said, “Hey, I covered the action.” It’s his element. This is where he thrives. And he said to us, “I want to lean on you for comedy. I want you to do your thing.” And so, it basically gave us permission to go crazy and have fun with each other. And I give Jamie so much credit because he also helps set the tone right from the start where I remember one of the first scenes we shot was one of the most serious scenes. And so, I came in early and was trying to do a good job. And I just wanted that scene to have real weight. And Jamie came up to me, and he was like, ‘You know what? Yeah, let’s give some weight to this.

FOXX: Yeah, yeah.

FRANCO: And so, that was the kind of mindset throughout where he understood. He’s like, “If we can pump in as much comedy as possible, it’s just going to add that extra layer that makes this movie even more fun.”

FOXX: And I knew I had the right guy to do it because I literally said to JJ, ‘I don’t want to do the movie unless Dave Franco is in the movie. I’ve been following that guy for ages. years, man.” And I tell people all the time, “I’m a comic snob. I’m the comic elite.” People can make me laugh, but I want to know how he made me laugh because he did it in such a smart way. So having him in that capacity, man, every time he came to work, he would have a little bag. “Do you have anything in your bag?” »

FRANCO: I have a little something for you.

FOXX: A little something. So he killed him.

Also, Xavier on After the party. I just have to plug this in because I like it, but anyway.

FRANCO: Thanks, man.

So the other thing is you shot this in 42 days, which isn’t a lot of time for people who don’t realize filmmaking. Have you ever felt the pressure when you have such limited time? Could you kind of talk about the challenges of having a tight shooting schedule?

FRANCO: I mean, JJ is a machine. He moves so fast that he’s filmed second-unit action scenes on the biggest movies in the world over the past decade. And so he knows exactly what he’s doing. That said, we put in so much work before we started filming in terms of training. So when we arrived on set, everyone knew exactly what he was doing. But I’m telling you, on a normal set, if there’s a stunt, normally everybody’s going around in circles, and it’s like, “Okay, guys, it’s the big stunt day. ” And we all talk about it over and over and so much pressure. And JJ, we had fifty of these stunts every day. And so, he’s just… He’s been working with this stunt team for so long, and they’re so connected, and it’s just this contagious energy where before every take, JJ literally screams, “Who wants to try one?” And then sixty of the best stuntmen in the world, all in unison, say, “Ah,” and so we all feed off of that energy, and we move.

FOXX: And, what’s crazy is, allowing us to come in and do these stunts, this guy here, man, he’s a real athlete. Don’t sleep on its waterfalls. We don’t wanna give stuff away, but when he does his thing it’s crazy, and I hope people cross their fingers to start watching this, make it super hot so we can do it night patrol. And then we can do this thing together.

FOXX: But everybody, everybody was doing their own stunts. Snoop came in, he was training with us. And JJ shoots in a way where he lets things breathe a bit. And so you can actually see that it’s us doing it as opposed to… There are action movies that are so cut that you almost can’t even tell what’s going on.

Oh, don’t get me started. It drives me crazy as a movie fan when I’m like, “Oh, there’s 10 cuts in a second. Oh, I get it. I get what it is.” You know what I mean?

FRANCO: Exactly.

So one of the cool things is that, and the movie isn’t John Wick with vampires, but there is a John Wick element in terms of the union of vampires, and all that is going on with that. Can you kind of talk about that aspect of the movie, and did you borrow any of those teeth because you had to keep some?

FOXX: Well, here’s the thing. I think that’s what’s ingenious about the film. That makes him a blue collar. It’s like people say “Blade.” I said, “No, you have to see it. It’s not Blade. It’s none of that. “It’s practical. He’s a guy who collects teeth to get money, so he can take care of his child. And it happens to be the craziest world in which we’re all falling in. Now I’m in. My character’s been in it for a while, but kinda like in training day when Denzel takes money from the wrong people, and he’s about to… He ends up dying, he’s with me, I’m going against his teeth. And I end up killing… This old lady is actually someone’s daughter. And so, then Karla Souza, who is amazing in her role, now the stakes get higher. It’s like, “I played with the wrong vampire in a way.” So I think having this union prepares us for that, if we want to do something more, it’s a great home base, if that makes sense.

With that, I have to stop. I’m just going to say, man, once again, thank you for your work. And I really hope it’s a huge hit for you guys, and you can do another one, and I love that track night patrol.

FRANCO: Yeah. The third is Graveyard Shift.

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