Skyrim’s werewolves aren’t the real monsters

Although Skyrim’s werewolves look like savage beasts, there’s a far worse monster lurking in the shadows – one even more vicious and cruel.

One of the many creatures that roam Skyrim are the werewolves, but despite appearances, they are not the real monsters of the region. The Silver Hand, the group of werewolf slayers the Dragonborn hunts down in the Companions questline, is worse than any lycanthrope in the nine Holds. Their cruel and brutal practices belie their supposedly benevolent mission, so it’s not hard to feel no remorse when the Dragonborn slaughters them in the form of a wild animal.

In SkyrimCompanions take the place of other’s Fighters’ Guild old scrolls Games. They are mercenaries who will solve any problem for enough gold, but also have a strong sense of honor and respect for their origins, Ysgramor and his original 500 companions, who slaughtered almost every elves of Skyrim and settled humanity in the Region. When exactly SkyrimThe 500 Companions accepted werewolf blood is unknown, but the practice continues well into the events of the game until the Dragonborn joins and brings Kodlak Whitemane to lead the witches of Grenmoril to rid him and the other members of the Inner Circle of their lycanthropy.


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The Silver Hand is dedicated to annihilating all members of the Companions, werewolves or not. They succeed in killing the Dragonborn’s shield-brother, Skjor, and while it might be considered self-defense, few of their other actions can be so easily excused. Instruments of torture, captive werewolves, and heads on spikes are common images in their bases, painting a disturbing picture of their practices to rid Skyrim of lycanthropes. They can be among the most horrible and scary enemies in Skyrimmainly because they’re not monsters, but humans who think they’re doing the right thing.

Why The Silver Hand In Skyrim Is So Bad

On the surface, a group dedicated to the extermination of man-eating savage beasts seems to be one of the good ones. However, they turn out to be anything but over the duration of SkyrimThe Companions’ quests after the Dragonborn has become a werewolf himself. The first indication of their viciousness is when they ambush Farkas and the Dustman’s Cairn player. As the Dovahkiin are trapped in a cage, they surround Farkas with the intention of killing him. They specifically state that it doesn’t matter who he is, and as long as he is a member of the Companions, he will die by their hands. Fortunately, Farkas is one of followers in Skyrim who can’t really die, and he ships them quickly. There is no evidence that the Companions antagonized or attacked the Silver Hand to initiate this feud, but it is clear that one side is more brutal than the other.

In addition to the ambush and death of Skjor, Silver Hand also assassinates Kodlak Whitemane near the end of the companion questline. Kodlak is an extremely wise and patient man who is respected not only among the companions and denizens of Whiterun, but throughout Skyrim. He’s also actively working to cure the Companions’ lycanthropy, but it seems the Silver Hand doesn’t know or don’t care. Given their brutality, it’s even possible that they would have actively prevented the Companions from healing themselves had they known of Kodlak’s plan, in order to deny them access to Sovngard, Skyrimthe Hall of Valor for the honored dead of the North.

Why does the Silver Hand hate companions so much in Skyrim?

Skyrim Thief tries to steal the werewolf

SkyrimSilver Hand are primarily werewolf hunters, but they have a particular hatred for Companions although there are only a small number of lycanthropes among them. The reason may lie in the items that some of them carry in their inventories. Some Silver Hand members will carry issues from the “Songs of the Return” book series, which details Ysgramor and the 500 Companions’ crusade to wipe out the elves of Skyrim. It seems strange that Silver Hand is carrying these books given that they tell the story of their mortal enemies, but there must be a reason.

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It’s possible that the Silver Hand’s reason for carrying the Chants of Return is so they can better understand and therefore fight the Companions, like the saying “know your enemy”. However, they may also have more ties to Skyrimis Tamriel’s first human they do not appear. The Silver Hand may carry books on the history of the Companions because their original members once counted themselves among themselves and parted ways when they accepted werewolf blood. Kodlak states that several Harbingers have come and gone since companions started becoming werewolves, so it’s probably a long time ago. Therefore, the Silver Hand may no longer have those members, but their desire to eliminate the werewolves of the Companions – whether out of hatred or a desire to free them from the curse of lycanthropy – would have could inspire the zeal that the current members carry.

The Silver Hand steals the ax of Ysgramor, Wuuthrad, in Skyrim

In addition to killing Kodlak Whitemane, Silver Hand also steals the Companions’ most prized possessions, the fragments of the Wuuthrad Ax that Ysgramor himself wielded when he led the original 500 Companions. They are part of the rarest objects of Skyrim, and are practically sacred to the Companions. After Kodlak’s death, the Dragonborn will reclaim them all from the Silver Hand and wipe out the rest of the organization. Afterwards, Eorland Gray-Mane proceeds to reforge Wuuthrad and give it to the player so they can enter Driftshade Refuge and posthumously heal Kodlak of his lycanthropy, as well as heal themselves if they wish.

Besides humiliating and upsetting Skyrim‘s Companions, there doesn’t seem to be much reason for Silver Hand to take the shards, but this may be another clue that the group parted ways with the Companions when they started becoming werewolves. Since Silver Hand steals the shards repeatedly, they can learn their meaning and hold them in the same respect as Kodlak and the rest of the Inner Circle. Their creation is an example of old scrolls lore that never appeared in the game, so it is certainly possible. However, it’s also possible that they simply know the history of the ax and have no kind of respect for it, and only stole the fragments to use as bait against the Companions. Anyway, the idea that the Silver Hand was founded by former members of the Companions in Skyrim is a fascinating possibility, which adds some intrigue to the seemingly cut-and-dried animosity between the two groups.

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