The 10 unluckiest players of all time

A new season of Survivor arrives this fall, and a new cast of hopefuls plan to make their mark. Players must prove themselves both physically and intellectually during their time on the island. Sometimes, some players meet these criteria but are still unable to win.

Some players have certain things that don’t fall on them through no fault of their own. Sometimes injuries derail their plans or new twists hamper players’ ability to progress. All of these players could have had a chance to win, but they failed to catch a chance.


ten Cirie Fields

Cirie is known to have suffered from bad luck in the multiple seasons she has played. She was so close to winning a few times, too.

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His first case of bad luck was Survivor: Micronesia. She reached the final three with her allies Amanda and Parvati. However, the season was cut short due to multiple medical evacuations, so to extend it, the producers made it a final two instead of three. Cirie was rejected in third place when she could have argued to the jury why she should have won. Also in Survivor: Game Changers, she was eliminated without receiving a single vote because everyone was playing idols. With no excess idols in the game, Cirie survives this vote and likely goes far.

9 Tyson Apostol

Tyson is a fan favorite who has appeared in multiple seasons. Its time on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains was cut short by an unlucky gesture. In the villain’s second vote, there was a plan to split the vote between Russel and Parvati.

Tyson thought they were getting outmaneuvered and Parvati and Danielle were going to vote for Russel, so he voted for Parvati. Unfortunately for him, he was just paranoid and ended up voting after Russel gave Parvati the immunity idol. This decision is an unlucky break and a bad decision rolled into one. He then redeemed himself by winning a few seasons later.

8 Aubry Bracco

Aubry’s first season, Survivor: Kaoh Rong, was strange to her. She caught a chance that saved her game in the merge, but fell victim to an unlucky fortune that could have cost her victory.

Aubry was ready for the final five with Joe and Tai. They planned to then eliminate Michele, who established himself as a favorite to win. At the reward before the immunity challenge, Joe had too much to eat and his body couldn’t absorb the huge protein income. Joe was later medically evacuated, putting Aubry’s position in jeopardy. Michele wins the next immunity and defeats Aubry and Tai in the tribal finals. So Michele took advantage of Joe eating too much, while Aubry suffered from a bitter Survivor jury.

seven Neal Gottlieb

Neal was a player on Survivor: Kaoh Rong and was an ally of Aubry. His bad luck followed him even when he was on the jury.

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After the merger, Neal and Aubry were in trouble as they were in the minority. However, Neal had an idol he was going to use to save himself until he was medically evacuated with the idol in his pocket. He probably wouldn’t have lasted too long, but he couldn’t even vote for Aubry to win in the end because he was kicked out of the judging panel by Michele.

6 Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien

Kathy was a candidate for Survivor: Marquesas. Kathy was a lovely surviving mom and reached the final four. She was unlucky as the game was still in its infancy and the wrinkles had yet to be ironed out.

There was a tie in the last four votes between Kathy and Neleh, and instead of a firemaking contest that would have taken place in today’s game, these two rocks chose, along with Paschal. Kathy survived the coin toss but was elected the next tribe due to Neleh winning immunity and Kathy’s vote. If it’s a duel of fire instead of a draw, Kathy could have eliminated Neleh and qualified for the last two.

5 Candice Cody

Candice starred in three seasons of the show. He was a dynamic personality who always seemed to find screen time, but his final season, Survivor: blood against waterwas cut short.

She wasn’t supposed to originate in this season, but after two contestants failed the required physical exam, Candice and her husband joined the cast. Her late arrival proved detrimental to her game as she was unable to take advantage of pre-existing relationships like other returnees. This caused her to be elected first by her tribe controversiallyand she officially left when she lost at Redemption Island.

4 Russell Swan

Russell played on Survivor: Samoaand was invited to play again on Survivor: Philippines. The main reason he was asked to return was that he had been medically evacuated the first time.

Russell’s tribe in Samoa was dominant. They won four out of five immunity challenges and only had to send one person home until day 15, when lack of nutrition caught up with Russel in the middle of a challenge. He collapsed and it was decided that he should not return to the game. Being the leader of a dominant tribe put him in a good position, so he was unlucky for his health. withdraw from the game.

3 Jacques Clement

James is known as one of the most physically dominant castaways in the show’s history. He played three times, but unfortunately none of them finished.

In its first season Survivor: China, he failed to detect a blind man passing against him with idols in his pocket. More importantly, in his last two seasons he suffered injuries in both. In Survivor: Micronesia, he had to be medically evacuated, even though he Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, he suffered a leg injury that severely limited his mobility. This earned him rejection by his tribe.

2 Joe Anglim

Joe played Survivor three times and was immediately targeted due to his physical prowess. He was never able to get too far in the game because of it, but in Survivor: Cambodiahe nearly won the immunity challenge that would have saved him.

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In an endurance challenge where they had to balance a statue on a tall pole, Joe was one of the last two remaining. Everyone was rooting against Joe so they could reject him. After an absurd amount of time, Joe passed out during the challenge, causing him to be eliminated. He was rejected at the next tribe. If he didn’t pass out, he would have had to go through a wild dare streak to win, but it would have been possible.

1 Rupert Boneham

Rupert was a fan favorite and is one of the few to play more than four seasons. In his final season, however, he didn’t last very long.

His last season was Survivor: Island of Redemption. During the runaway, the opposing tribe rejected his wife. Rupert then switched places with her and traveled to Redemption Island. He lost a duel and left without receiving a vote. Rupert has spent many days on the island during his career, but it would have been cool to see what he could have done in his final season.

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