The 9 most important revelations of the first episode

This article contains spoilers for the first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead.

Tales of the Living Dead is just one of many new and upcoming installments in The Walking Dead universe. Each story in the anthology series is compartmentalized, showing a different set of characters and stories within the apocalypse, with the first featuring Terry Crews and Olivia Munn.

After the first episode, a few things became clear about how the show works and how it differs from other shows in The Walking Dead universe, including, The Walking Dead, Fear the living deadand Walking Dead: World Beyond.


9 Hippies stay true to their beliefs in the apocalypse

Olivia Munn’s character, Evie, showed off a type of character fans hadn’t seen before in the apocalypse: a hippie-like vegan who refused to eat meat, despite the circumstances, and who always see the beauty in the world. Whenever she kills or sees a dead walker, whom she calls “toe tags”, she wishes them a “blessed next life”.

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When she and Joe, played by Crews, encounter a goat, she refuses to consider it dinner. Instead, she talks about how they have feelings and camaraderie within their pack. Instead, she refers to how they can use her milk to make cheese, her only concession. It’s clear Tales of the Living Dead will feature entirely new character types that fans have never seen before.

8 There is a more comedic tone

Unlike the rest of The Walking Dead shows, the anthology series will feature episodes with different themes, each of which falls under different subgenres. It’s clear from the first episode that comedy will play into some of them. Moves like this could rank Tales of the Living Dead among the best anthology series, according to Reddit.

With various comedic moments, including Joe and Evie riding a motorcycle through the streets while belting out a country song played through headphones, there’s a lighter tone than fans of the other shows are used to. . Although the dire circumstances remain the same, all is not dark and ominous.

seven People always wanted to find love

Throughout the episode, Joe and Evie are looking for love. With Joe, it’s about finding a woman he connected with online, presumably before the apocalypse, reliving their conversations through printed transcripts and shared photos.

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Meanwhile, Evie had separated from her husband before the world fell apart but was eager to be reunited with him. Although it might not have been romantic in nature, she at least wanted to see if he had survived. The Walking Dead has had relationships including Rick and Michonne, Glenn and Maggie, and John Dorie and June. But romantic love has never really been the focus, especially in earlier seasons.

6 There are swear words

Whereas The Walking Dead featured the odd expletive here and there, AMC left a lot more leeway with Tales of the Living Dead. In several instances in episode one of Tales of the Living Dead, both characters used the dreaded “F” word in their conversations. This has only happened a handful of times The Walking Dead.

While that doesn’t put the franchise on the list of scripted films with the most profanity, this is a notable departure from other shows, which have kept a fairly clean language. This word was rarely used in the other shows, but its plain language could be much more graphic in this new series.

5 Serial killers still exist

When Joe finally meets the woman he was looking for, he discovers that she is not what she seemed. Whether she was like this before or whether the apocalypse drove her into madness, she was clearly not well.

It is implied that she might be some sort of serial killer when talking about another man who once visited her, begging for help. She took her watch and kept it, then decided that one wasn’t enough. As she removes Joe’s watch from her hand, the view spans a series of men’s watches neatly stored in a case. With Sandra’s clown make-up, drug-stuffed brownie, and her desperation to kill, it looks like Teddy, one of the biggest villains on Fear the living deadwas perhaps not the only serial killer left in the apocalypse.

4 There’s a cheesy slasher feel

The scenes with Joe’s supposed dream wife, Sandra, who goes by the online alias USHLDBSCRD, had a nerdy slasher movie feel. As she chased him with a knife and a cleaver, a maniacal expression, it looked more like a slasher horror movie than a zombie apocalypse show.

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Joe being tied up in a room as Sandra greeted Evie, ready to kill her, looked like a haunted movie one might watch on Halloween, laughing while jumping at the scares. Whereas The Walking Dead explored the real horror genre before, like in the episode with Connie trapped in a house of horrors, it had more Scream-like feel to it.

3 Some things don’t make sense

After killing USHLDBSCRD, aka Sandra, Joe and Evie could have stayed in his bunker, safe. All they had to do was kill her once she was revived, dispose of the body, and they would have a new haven. Instead, they left her in there and escaped through the hatch.

Given that it had light, food, supplies, and even a security system, it would have been the perfect place to set up camp, even if it was only for the night. Why they left didn’t make much sense. This joins many other events that made little sense in The Walking Dead and its other spinoffs.

2 Some people still see beauty in the world

Most of the scenes in the other shows have been dark and eerie, but the first episode of Tales of the Living Deadone of many Walking Dead upcoming showspresented another perspective, with Evie being able to see the beauty in the world.

From his love for the goat they found, to his decision to stop Joe to watch a sunrise that’s unaffected by what was happening in the world, to growing his own food on an organic farm. fortune, there is a positive twist. This perspective was often missing from other shows that focused on avoiding enemies and sparking conflict.

1 You don’t have to be a fan of the original

One of the biggest takeaways from the first episode of Tales of the Living Dead is that you don’t have to be a fan of the original series to watch. There is no continuity other than the apocalyptic situation. Beyond the next episode telling some sort of story about Alpha, the stories are completely unique and compartmentalized.

Thus, each serves as a stand-alone tale, per the show’s name, about the zombie apocalypse on its own, with no reference to characters or stories from the original shows. It’s a show anyone can watch to laugh, cry, and jump out of their seats without feeling like they’re missing a thing.

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