Umbrella Academy: How Exactly Viktor’s Powers Work

Umbrella Academy’s Viktor Hargreeves, also known as Number Seven and the White Violin, is the most powerful brother and can control sound waves.

Does Viktor have powers in The Umbrella Academy? Absolutely. Initially believed to be the only member of The Umbrella Academy without abilities, Viktor Hargreeves (Elliot Page) has proven to be the most powerful and dangerous of them all. However, the Netflix show hasn’t always clarified what Viktor’s powers are or exactly how they work.

It was revealed near the end of The Umbrella Academy Season 1 that, because Viktor’s powers are tied to his emotional state, Reginald Hargreeves had tried and failed to control Viktor’s powers; rather than risk losing control of Number Seven, he instead opted to keep his heavily medicated medicine and have Allison “ruminate” on him into thinking he was ordinary. The truth remained hidden until Harold Jenkins, super fan of the Umbrella Academy (John Magaro), found out what happened and took it upon himself to unlock Viktor’s memories and power.


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After getting close to him, Leonard orchestrated a number of high stress situations to trigger Viktor’s abilities. However, Viktor’s powers proved too strong for him and became deadly. He killed Leonard in anger after he nearly killed Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman). In the end, his powers grew so strong that he destroyed the Moon and caused the apocalypse that Five was trying to prevent. In Season 2, despite having lost his memories during his trip to 1963, Viktor demonstrates much better control of his powers than he had before, which is likely due to his stabilized emotional state. Here’s how Viktor’s powers work.

Viktor’s powers explained

Umbrella Academy Elliott Page playing Vanya in season 3 of viktor

Viktor’s powers allow him to manipulate sound waves as he wishes, converting them into energy which he can then use in many ways, from telekinesis to flight. Just like the powers of his Umbrella Academy siblings, Viktor shows there are many creative ways to apply his unique skills. He can convert sound waves into white, destructive energy and can create protective barriers strong enough to stop bullets. While that might sound simple, Viktor also demonstrates other abilities that are obviously unrelated to the manipulation of sound waves in the Netflix series. He has super hearing and can manipulate time and matter in general, as seen when his clothes and eyes change color.

While in the Umbrella Academy comics, Viktor channels his power through his instrument (even going so far as to adopt the white violin name, referenced by her outfit in the Season 1 finale), her Netflix series character can use any sound, from the glass ring to her own heartbeat, to unleash incredible force, though the use of his violin concentrates his power. If there is a limit to Viktor’s power, it has yet to be explored: viewers have seen him tear down buildings, stop missiles and blow up the moon.

An interesting development occurs in the show’s second season when Viktor is able to impart his power to Sissy’s son Harlan (albeit unwittingly) and bring him back to life. This creates a telepathic bond between the two, which he is later able to remove, but still left the boy with powers. It’s hard to define exactly how Viktor’s power works, especially in scenes like this, but it opens up the possibility for Viktor Hargreeves Season 3 Power Boostor at least new uses of the same ability.

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Is Viktor Hargreeves Canon? How Season 3 Handles Elliot Page’s Transition

Viktor is unique for The Umbrella Academy TV adaptation. The character Page portrays is called Vanya in the comics and has the same names and pronouns in The Umbrella Academy seasons 1 and 2. However, like the rest of their Umbrella Academy siblings, #7 was changed for the small screen. In the comics, Vanya identifies with her birth gender. Vanya is cisgender and does not question her gender identity or transition, using her/her pronouns throughout. Viktor, the number 7 of The Umbrella Academy show, is trans. He identifies as male and uses his pronouns beginning in Season 3. This is a detail unique to the series that both reflects Elliot Page’s transition journey and allows The Umbrella Academy to explore more LGBTQI+ stories. Elliot Page will always play “Vanya” for Viktor’s pre-transition scenes (likely flashbacks) in Umbrella Academy Season 3.

Elliot Page made the transition public in 2020, after seasons 1 and 2 of The Umbrella Academy broadcast. When Page announced his transition, there was speculation about how the show would adjust. Asking her to continue playing a cis woman may have put a huge toll on her mental health. Recasting her role was also out of the question, as her portrayal of Number 7 was incredibly well received. The Umbrella Academy decided to take the best route for Page, his on-screen persona, and the show itself — Vanya would canonically transition to Viktor. Issue 7’s arcs have always focused on discovering his identity, whether as the “helpless” only sibling in Season 1 or waking up with no memories in 1963 in Season 2. Even though Viktor Season 3 Transition was a narrative decision initially driven by Page, it is entirely logical and thematically in tune with both The Umbrella Academy TV show and its version of number 7.

The Umbrella Academy has been praised for its portrayal of queer relationships and themes. An entire episode was dedicated to Klaus’ gay romance, and Page’s own scenes in Season 2 alongside Marin Ireland (as repressed housewife Sissy Cooper) were hailed as a landmark moment for lesbian relationships. in superhero-based visual media. In keeping with the show’s proud history of LGBTQI+ representation, Elliot Page has confirmed that Viktor’s transition will have an arc in Season 3. Viktor will allow The Umbrella Academy to show audiences the struggles trans people face, and Page bringing her personal experience to the role will ensure Season 3 is groundbreaking for trans representation in fictional media, superhero-based or otherwise.

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