Who is Heart of Iron? Iron Man successor Riri Williams explained

Among the many The Marvel Disney+ series announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was Stone hearta character who will appear for the first time in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as seen in trailer released during the event. star actress Dominique Thorne as Ironheart and her alter-ego Riri Williams, the series is slated to premiere in late 2023 as part of the MCU’s Phase Five. The series recently made headlines in foundry RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Shea casting in an undisclosed role. There is only one question – who is Ironheart?

The character appears for the first time in the pages of Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man, Flight. 2 #7 in May 2016 as Riri Williams, an introverted 15-year-old engineering student and certified super-genius. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a scholarship, Riri reverse-engineered the technology of the Iron Man Armor Model 41, creating a similar suit for herself with material stolen from campus. Flying out of MIT, she encounters two inmates escaping from New Mexico State Penitentiary and arrests them, damaging her suit in the meantime. Riri returns home to fix the costume and is soon visited by Tony Stark who, having heard of Riri’s accomplishment, validates her desire to become a superhero. Later, Riri assists Iron Man in the Second Superhero Civil War, using a repaired version of his armor.


At the end of the war, Tony Stark falls into a coma while battling Captain Marvel, prompting Riri to continue his legacy as a hero. With the help of an AI duplicate of Stark, Riri designs improved armor and takes the name Ironheart. After a run-in with the Techno Golem and his Biohack Ninja, in which she and Rescue emerge victorious, S.H.I.E.L.D. begins to keep tabs on Riri. With her star on the rise, Riri is offered Tony Stark’s old lab by her mother Amanda, MIT resources by MIT’s chief, and membership in the group of teenage superheroes known as The Champions. SHIELD would soon convince Ironheart to invade Latvia to apprehend war criminal Lucia von Bardas. After that, Riri brokers a truce between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the armed forces of Latveria.

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When a fascist Captain America doppelganger leads Hydra in a massive attack on the US government, Ironheart and Tony Stark AI join the Underground, a rebel force made up of heroes and civilians. When the Champions leave the Underground to formulate a plan to defeat Captain America with Black Widow, Ironheart joins them. The plan fails, resulting in Black Widow’s death at the hands of the evil Captain America and the group’s arrest. When the Underground attacks Washington, DC, they defeat Hydra, free the young heroes, and welcome the return of the real Captain America. Now an official member of the Champions, the group travels to space to help Nova save the Chitauri from genocide. A misguided attempt to attack Thanos results in the loss of Ironheart’s suit, forcing her to design a new model.

An admission by her android teammate Viv Vision to Riri that she has a crush on her surprises Riri, who awkwardly avoids the subject. Later, Riri’s mind is corrupted by Mephisto’s son Blackheart, turning her against her fellow champions. She is snatched from Blackheart’s control by Viv, who apologizes for not considering Riri’s feelings when she boldly told her about her crush, which turns into a heartfelt resolution to their feelings for one another. for each other as friends.

Now back to herself, Riri accepts MIT’s offer of her own lab and continues to develop her own proper AI by scanning and composing her brainwaves and memories. When the A.I. is finished, Riri is shocked, but thrilled, that the A.I. has taken the form of an elderly Natalie, the best friend she lost to a gunshot wound at the age of 13. In tribute, she appoints the AI ​​Neuro-Autonomous Technical Assistant and Laboratory Intelligence Entity, or NATALIE.

When Chicago is overrun by zombies, Ironheart determines that a villain named Eclipse is responsible, stopping the zombie outbreak by capturing the criminal. Associating Eclipse with the Ten Rings, a secret society of terrorists guided by the Source of Power, Riri seeks out Dr. Strange to find the Source’s location. He shows her that it’s in Wakanda, so Riri gets passage to Wakanda and meets Shuri. Despite a rocky introduction, Shuri and Ironheart work together to stop an invasion of Shadow creatures. Now joined by Silhouette and Okoye, they arrive at the Wellspring, where Ironheart obtains the Key to the Wellspring, giving her enhanced power which she uses to master the Ten Rings, forcing them to flee. Through their efforts, Ironheart and Silhouette are recognized by Wakanda with its highest honor: the Circlet of Bast. Before parting ways, Shuri tells Riri that there would always be a place for her in Wakanda if she ever wanted it.

In the “Outlawed” storyline, the enactment of the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act prohibits teenage vigilantism, forcing Riri to remove her Ironheart armor out of concern for legal consequences for her mother if she complies. Riri however sends NATALIE to New York to ensure the security of the clandestine meetings of the Teen Champions. When their meeting place is discovered by the authorities, NATALIE helps a few of the heroes escape, bringing them to Riri’s home in Chicago. Unknowingly, the refugee heroes bring the authorities to her home, forcing Riri to disguise herself as Ironheart and fend off the CRADLE forces. Now on the run, they continually avoid CRADLE, but soon decide to confront the forces head-on, which ultimately leads to CRADLE’s disbandment and the repeal of the USWA.

Which now catches up with us on Ironheart’s brief but impactful comic book history. Besides knowing that his MCU debut is coming in the Black Panther sequel and the series’ late 2023 air date, not much more has been leaked about the series. The Wakanda association in the comics can explain the presence of Riri in wakanda forever, but how much of the storyline is retained, or if it is retained at all, is unknown. The cast offers little, with only Thorne as Riri and Lyric Ross as Riri’s “best friend”, the only two confirmed roles (and no news if the “best friend” is childhood friend Natalie, NATALIE the A.I. or someone else). Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to Ironheart’s debut and what’s sure to be an interesting interaction between the two teenage geniuses: Thorne’s Riri and Letitia Wrightit’s Shuri.

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